Milo hit the jackpot with a wonderful family who loves him unconditionally! He’ll spend his days being spoiled by his mom, dad and sister.

I am not going to lie. I was super shocked when my family drove me to the shelter and then drove off without me. After all, I had done nothing wrong. 

My family bought me as a puppy and we had always been best friends. They wrote down on my goodbye form that they were having a baby. Wait.. a baby? I love kids. But, their minds were made up and I had to go. 

The only good thing about that day was a shelter employee took me home for the night. You see, in this South Texas shelter, the employees work around the clock to get dogs into foster homes and rescues groups. 

Well, I soon became a favorite. I have lived with my new shelter friend since October. And I loved it there.  

There were a few other rescue groups that said they could help, but when it came down to it, they had so many other dogs in their groups waiting for families, I always seemed to slip through the cracks. It didn’t help that I was way down south. 

I had just about decided that down south was where I was going to stay, But, guess what? As luck would have it, I was able to hitch a ride north and I made it here! 

My shelter mom was so excited for me. Excited, but sad that I was leaving. I kept telling her not to worry ~ there would be another dog who would need her just as much as I did. She knew that, but she still cried when I jumped in the truck and waved goodbye. 

Here are a few facts about me:

*I am super dog- and cat-friendly.  

*I love horses and chickens.

*I am potty trained.

*I come when you call me.

*I would NOT be a good watch dog if you need something watched.

*I am a bit of a scaredy cat. 

*I am a excellent walker. My feet are made for walking. I can be your exercise buddy and I can be your new best friend!

My birthday is this month and I will be 3.  Send in a application ~ you may be my perfect match!

1/25/22 Update:  Milo just moved in to his foster home on Wednesday and he’s getting settled. He’s a tall drink of water who loves playing with other dogs. He gets a little mouthy with play, but doesn’t mean any harm. He’s a sweet boy who is learning to trust us. Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about him.

2/5/22 Update:   Milo is such a sweet boy. He loves to play and has a ton of energy. He gets a little mouthy whem he plays, but he gets along great with all dogs and avoids conflicts. He’s potty trained and crate trained. And he’s a champion at napping. He’s an all-around great guy who has the most gorgeous gray eyes. The pictures don’t do him justice.

2/16/22 Update:  Milo here, ready to spread the love this Valentine’s Day! I’ve included my profile picture…. get it? It’s actually a picture of my profile! I got jokes! 

But joking aside, I’m a lover of all dogs and people! I like walks, but I’m not sure how a leash works, and I am trying to learn how to snuggle. Apparently, standing on my foster mom’s lap is not snuggling. 

I would love to find a valentine of my very own. Look deep into my gray eyes and say you’ll be mine!

2/28/22 Update:  “You new around here? May I buy you a drink?” Foster boy Milo’s a charming guy, just looking for his furever home.

4/13/22 Update:  It may look like I’m deep in thought, but most of the time, I’m trying to decide what snack to have next. – foster boy Milo