Paula Deen

Age: 4 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Paula Deen

I also hopped onboard the rescue train! I am about as Southern as they get. I might be a bit “fluffy,” but that comes from tasting all the Southern comfort food.
Rescue day was the day I had been waiting for…. because I know I’ll get the care I need. You see, sometimes, I can hardly breathe. It’s like I can’t get enough air. And don’t get me started about how it feels when I try to play “Red Rover, Red Rover, let Paula Deen come over.” Running is nearly impossible.
I have called Dr. Lay and he is going to come look down my throat and see what he can see. I hear he has a surgery that will help me have a fabulous life. One time, I fell onto the floorboard of my mama’s car and I died. True story. Lucky for me, she got me up and cooled down. I was close to a vet’s office, thankfully, because I would have been a goner, for sure. I remember that day well. I could not breathe, I was hot, and I was going to have babies.
So, with all that being said, I thought this rescue train was a perfect opportunity for me. This queen of Southern food is ready to be the queen of someone’s couch soon.

4/13/21 Update:   Paula is a sweet and cautious little girl that just wants to be with you and loved. She is unsure at first, but you can tell she wants to trust us so bad. It took her a couple of days to come out of her crate, but we let her take all the time she needed and out she came.

Paula has spent her four years on this Earth having babies in a crate. She is learning what it is like to go outside to do her business on the grass and she doesn’t understand how just yet. She will potty on the concrete outside, but mainly anywhere and everywhere. It’s just what she knows. Foster mom and dad will give her all the time she needs. Our blankets and floors wash very easily.

She is getting along very well with her foster siblings and will instigate play easily. She happily will lay on her bed and chew on a toy for quite a long time.

Paula had palate surgery and is doing very well in her recovery. She loves her canned food and will gobble it up right away. We haven’t checked on how well she does on a leash just yet. We want to give her time to heal.

A home without small kids would be best for her because life as a pet is pretty overwhelming for her. Stayed tuned for Paula’s progress!

5/10/21 Update:  I have many foster siblings to play with and I get along great with them. Well, some are pretty old and cranky, but that is their problem, as far as I’m concerned.

Foster Mom says my indoor manners are improving, but I have a ways to go. I’m going to need a patient family who will understand I just lived in a crate, birthing litters, so I still get confused on where to do my business. Foster mom says not to worry because the blankets wash. I do love (and deserve) a soft blanket.
My skin feels really awesome after being on Apoquel for a few weeks. And I love my medicated baths. My coat is so shiny!
I’m thinking I would like a home without littles running around. I get so excited that I’m afraid I may knock one over on accident.
Well, get those applications in… I may be your match! And if so, I promise I will be your very best friend and shadow.
6/20/21 Update:  Paula has been in our foster care for several weeks and she is doing great! Paula came into our home not knowing how to be a part of a family or inside of a home.
She has learned not to chew on things that arent doggie toys, loves to eat (and quickly!) and loves to help her foster mom do laundry. We play a peek-a-boo game while folding blankets and she gets such a kick out of it.
Paula is a very happy little girl and just wants to be with her people. She gets along with all her foster siblings, though they are cranky and old and don’t appreciate her “talking” and young energy.
House training is ongoing and still will require a lot of patience from her forever family. I truly feel if she had more one-on-one time, she would progress in the house training department. Paula existed in a crate for her four years before rescue, so this sweet girl deserves your understanding and patience. With her energy and enthusiasm, a home without small children would be best.
8/24/21 Update:  Paula Deen is doing great in her foster home!


She is a little snuggle bug and loves to get loving. She also likes to chew on your arm from time to time, so small children are probably not an ideal fit for her. She is rambunctious and full of spirit. She would do great with another playful pup. Although she does very well with the older female in the home, she would love to have a playmate. 

She does not mind her own business at all, so if you have pups that scuffle from time to time, she will definitely put her two cents in. She still has no desire to go outside ~ she struggles a bit in the housebreaking department, but she tries really hard to make good decisions.

9/14/21 Update:  Paula Dean learned something new! She can go up and down the stairs to the human bed. Foster mom may need a new place to sleep!

10/12/21 Update:  Paula Deen enjoys playing and rough housing with the other pups. She likes to be bossy, but in a nice way. 

She continues to improve on her house training skills and is having fewer accidents, unless she is mad… then forget about it. The girl definitely has an attitude! But that is OK because she is just as sweet. She loves all people and would love to find a forever lap.

1/21/22 Update:   Paula Deen’s still looking for her furever home. She would be great as the only pup or do well with a submissive, but playful pup because she has to be in charge. She can get quite rambunctious so small children and small pups are not ideal for her. 

She loves to go for car rides and does great on the leash. She doesn’t care to spend a lot of time outside. She prefers to do her business and get right back inside. 

Speaking of doing her business outside, house training has been a little challenging, but I believe she’s gotten it. She’s had just a couple inside tinkles by the back door. This is a huge step for her and I can’t be more happy for her! This means she is one step closer to finding her perfect family. 

She does need a strong Bulldog-savvy human, one that is the alpha and will keep her in line and make sure she spends enough time outdoors to potty. She will do most anything for a treat.