What a beautiful weekend, Bulldog lovers! Not only is the sun shining and temps are cooler, but I packed my bags and moved to my forever home! 

I loved my foster family and they helped me learn a few useful tricks for living with humans, but I am ready to get to know my new family. I met them last weekend when they came over to play. I sure did like them and was excited to see they have a fur brother for me to play with. I hope they are WWE fans, because Axl and I could be professional wrestlers. 

Yesterday, Foster Mom took me to my new home and I sure was excited to start checking everything out. Axl even has cool toys for me to play with. The coolest ones are the ones that he has in his mouth at the moment, of course! 

Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! I’ll update from my new home once I settle in with my family, AJ, Tanya and Axl. 

Oh, wait! The grand dog, Senna, just arrived and we are hittin’ the trail. Woohoo! Catch ya later!  Love, Pebbles

My name is Pebbles and today I joined rescue with my mother, Luna Jean. I am almost two years old.

Our parents had health problems and could no longer care for us. So they did the next best thing—they surrendered us to the shelter. They did so because the nice shelter people said they knew the perfect group to take us and find us the best forever home.

I am still very much a puppy and love to do puppy things. I can sorta walk on a leash. Well let’s just say I can walk you if you are holding the leash. I need some work on some other skills, but I am a quick and willing learner. Some people say my eyes are my best feature. What do you think?

So I am looking for my new forever family. I just need to have a little surgery first.

8/9/21 Update:  We picked up mama (Luna) and daughter (Pebbles) Thursday evening. Have you ever seen a Bulldog with the energy of a Husky and ability to do a 5’ vertical? Well, come to my house and I’ll show you! Ha! However, they are both as sweet as can be. 

They are acclimating to their new environment. Both dogs are learning how to interact with humans and live in a house. There have been a few accidents, but for the most part,  they will potty outside. They are extremely toy-driven and usually want the one the other has, which makes protecting Luna’s eye sutures challenging! 

Pebbles loves belly scratches and Luna will sit there all day if you pet her head. 

They are learning that treats are good, although they are pretty picky. 

They will be sending their own updates once they learn how to use the computer. m water and the soapy scrub. I don’t want it to end.  When it does end I get a towel rub, and that’s  great too. I can hardly wait until it’s shower time again.

8/19/21 Update:  Wow! I’ve had a lot of changes in my life in the last couple of weeks. My mom and I went to live in a foster house. My foster family is showing us how to live in a house. 

It seems that I have really only been around dogs and am not sure how to behave in a house with humans. Foster Mom tells me that I am as sweet as can be and smart, too! She says I’ll get the hang of it. One thing I am working on right now is going potty outside. 

I love my mom, but it seems all we did was fight and race around the house. Apparently, this is frowned upon inside the house. They decided that we would have the best chance of becoming our best selves if we ventured out on our own. So, mom packed up and left today. This is a little strange, but a new house guest arrived so I have something to keep me occupied. 

If you are an active family who loves the energy of a puppy and have some patience while I’m learning, maybe you could be my forever family. I love to have my belly scratched, play with chew toys, and hang out with people. Plus, I sure am cute!

8/24/21 Update:  She is a sweet, high-energy girl. She gets along with other dogs and kids, although she does jump some. We are working on house training and does well with her crate.

9/5/21 Update:  I love the weekends! It means that my skin foster brother is home during the day. He understands my kind of play and lets me get in his lap and chase him around the yard. 

Foster Mom keeps telling me what a smart girl I am! I’m learning to sit at the door and not ram my way through. I’m also learning how to hang out in the house without doing my business there. It seems that I lived my prior life on concrete because that’s where I choose to go; however, I am learning that the green soft stuff is where my foster family prefers. 

One of my favorite things is walks and man, can I walk! Foster Mom says I’m like a Corvette and the Daytona 500 is more my speed. I am learning to walk next to foster mom and not pull on the leash. If your family needs a playful walking buddy, I might be just the girl for you!

9/13/21 Update:  Since Hotrod zoomed off to his furever home, I have been adjusting to the single life. As you can see, I’m really good at entertaining myself! I prefer if you are outside with me and I LOVE belly scratches. If you love playing and are looking for a sweet, active girl, I may be the one for you! Get your application in and let’s play!

Foster mom brought me some new chew toys yesterday. While they watched a movie, I worked very diligently on the duck. She said that I can deconstruct a chew faster than Spiderman can scale a building! We’ve also been watching a lot of tennis lately. I like to chew on those balls, too! Mostly, I just like to be around people. I would love to find a furever home that has another dog who likes to play and humans who like to be outdoors walking and playing. Foster mom even jogged with me a little the other day and I did great!

10/7/21 Update:  Sorry that I have been MIA recently. I’ve had a lot of fun stuff going on! I’ve been learning new manners and foster mom says I’m getting much better at doing my business outside and listening to my humans. I LOVE playing with my foster skin brother because he likes to wrestle! Morning coffee with foster dad is also pretty cool  I get some cool chew toys because chewing on shoes and furniture is frowned upon around here. 

Last weekend I took a little vacation and stayed with a nice family. In addition to the mom and dad, they had 2 little girls and another bulldog, Rayne, for me to play with! Rayne was not so sure about me at first, but we figured out our play styles and ended up having a great time together! I hear that I got a good report card when foster mom came to pick me up. 

And finally for the most exciting piece of news, I’m going to meet a family this weekend that just might be the one! Keep your fingers crossed for me, Bulldog Nation!