Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


It was the strangest thing. I left home for a stroll around town, and I must have gotten lost because nothing looked familiar. 

I got tired of walking and I got hot. Then out of nowhere, a nice fella pulled up beside me and ask if I wanted a ride. Heck yeah, I did! These feet were not made for walking all over town, especially in this Texas heat. 

Turns out my new friend was an animal control officer and I went to a great place. That’s where I sat, waiting for my family to find me. 

Well, you’re not going to believe my luck. No one came looking for me even though I was lost. 

Finally, after enough waiting, the shelter folks reached out to rescue to see if I could join them. And now, here I am!