Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog


Two great things happened to me today. No. 1 ~ I was rescued and No. 2 ~ I had a bath!
I know a bath is something most people take for granted, but not me. It was a dream come true. The lady who picked me up said I did not exactly smell like roses. Plus, the sight of my fleas frightened her. But I am all fixed up now. It was weird when she lathered me up in Dawn dishwashing liquid, but that did the trick. I am now proud to be flea-free.
I wish I could tell you more about me, but that’s all I really know. I was dropped off at a local shelter and the people said they found me. They found me with a matching collar and leash. They never looked back.
And I am not looking back either. I am moving forward from here on out.
I was super scared in the shelter. It was small and there were a lot of dogs barking. If one dog barked, they all joined in on the noise.
Tonight, I am going to FaceTime Dr. Larsen, so she can get to know me. I do know she is going to love me to pieces. And she is going to let me sit in her lap and maybe I will tell her some secrets.
1/25/21 Update:  Check me out sporting some new swag! My friend Jennifer G. went shopping for me and look at me now ~ I have a Polo beanie and a Polo scarf ~ and I could not be happier! Noone told me the scarf was not for rolling in the grass, so it got grassy pretty quick but that’s OK. A little lint roller will have it looking good as new.
I have been in isolation from the other Bulldogs in the foster home. I came from a shelter and I don’t want to make anyone sick in case I have kennel cough.
Let me tell you what I LOVE… I LOVE my foster mom. When I see her, I run full speed ahead to get to her! Jumping and twisting and turning… nothing makes me happier than her! She is teaching me how to sit and how to try containing my excitement. It is working ~ with a lot of treats. After a few bags, I have that “sit-like-a-good-boy” command down.
I’ve learned the crate is my friend and that is where I eat. I am using a “slow feeder” that looks like a puzzle. I believe in my other life I didn’t get enough to eat because I can make a bowl of food vanish, swallowing everything whole. Once I got here, I realized there was not a limit on kibble, so I am slowing down and learning to chew.

2/2/21 Update:  I wanted to let everyone know how my first week in rescue went… It went fabulous!

On Monday, I traveled to Bright Star to sit with Dr. Larsen. Unfortunately, she learned I’m heartworm positive. Ugh…. that’s no fun. And pretty gross, right? She said she can help me, but the treatment will take a number of weeks. That sure puts a damper on my social calendar.
I loved everyone in my foster home, especially Harley Carley. But Harley found her forever home on Thursday and I cried when she left. I tried to befriend another resident Bulldog lady, but she had no part in wanting to be friends. In fact, she chased me through the house, and I ended up under the bed. And she was too fat to get to me under the bed.
I stayed away from her from then on. I had been warned about her and her bad attitude, but I had to see for myself. She needs to wear a warning sign around her neck that says, “Bulldog Beauty Likes No One.”
Well, that is really all I did this week. Just hung around and tried to decide what kind of family I wanted to adopt me. Or, maybe I will just stay with my foster mom. If I do, that bossy Bulldog lady would have a hissy fit. That might be worth hanging around to see…. a big ol’ fat lady having a hissy fit.
2/24/21 Update:  Couch Potato Captain Polo here. This week has been SO relaxing and fun.

The furless foster fam didn’t seem so relaxed when the white stuff fell from the sky, but for some reason, they stayed home with us fur pups for a WHOLE WEEK! It was awesome!
We played in the white stuff, even though they told us to come inside, and we all took naps when it got really cold inside. My foster mom said we couldn’t nap in the cold all day, so we went to this awesome place with birds and water.
At this new place, there were what my foster mom calls “stairs” and I was not too sure of them at first. I would stand at the bottom and bark when my furless foster brothers went up the “stairs.” I eventually got enough courage to go up them, and that’s when my foster mom said I fell in love with the “stairs”….. they’re a great place to nap.
When we finally went back home and the white stuff was gone, I got to go on a walk, and let me just tell you how much I LOVE walks. My foster dad says I’m the best walker he’s ever met.
I hope next week is as fun as this week….. my foster mom says no, but we’ll see.
Hopefully, I’ll get to have this much fun with my furever family.