On Sunday afternoon, the doorbell rang and Rolex jumped at the opportunity to greet both visitors with slobbery kisses and drool. 

He ran around the house for over an hour chasing and playing with his new little friend as if they had a long history. 

Rolex couldn’t have been more excited to jump in the car with his forever family. So happy for his new chapter with an amazing family!


Hello everyone, it’s me Rolex and I have joined rescue. 

I am not going to lie; I was peeking out the window waiting for the rescue wagon to roll down my road. I was so excited I was beyond giddy. I knew they were coming because I heard my mom talking on the phone. She was saying Rolex has had his last date with the ladies and he is retiring today.  

I am now 4 years old and retirement for me means living on the sofa, watching Animal Planet and drinking sweet iced tea. I am no stranger to rescue as my Dad, Sebastian, when he retired, joined rescue I stayed behind. I then became a ladies’ man.

You should have saw me when I was climbing up into Dr. Larsen’s lap. I am hanging off and she was holding on for dear life. She used the F. word as in Fat when she was talking to me. She asked me how much I weighted and I proudly replied 80.6 lbs. But it’s all muscle not fat!  I brought my own snacks with me just in case Dr. Larsen wanted to put me on a diet.  

A few things about me. I am as sweet and nice as I can be. I love other dogs, people, and kids. My fur looks fabulous. I do have a little sore place on my elbow, and I need my teeth brushed but other than that I am in great shape. I may need a little help with potty training and walking on a leash. Dr. Larsen will do a little surgery to help me forget the ladies.  

Before you know it you will see me with a new family and I bet that new family will really spoil me.  So patient people don’t forget about me. I may need to learn some inside rules, but I am super smart and rules won’t be any problems for me.