Rose Nylund Beatrice

Age: 1

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $700

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Rose Nylund Beatrice

Today is a special day for me. It’s a special weekend also. 

Today, I joined rescue and this weekend, everyone will be celebrating me with fireworks, hot dogs and ice cream. And I do love me some ice cream! 

I just celebrated my birthday on May 12. I turned 1 year old! It was a fantastic day ~ everyone wore hats and sang to me. I had the best day. 

Now, if you are asking yourself how I came to be in rescue, let me tell you.

It was a family decision. My mom was having a baby, and it was not the first one. To just be honest, she is overwhelmed. The new baby will be wanting a lot of holding, and so do I. Some might say I am too big for a lap, but I am not. I’m just a baby myself.  

When the rescue wagon came for me, it was a sad day indeed. There was crying and hugging, but everyone agreed that I needed a lot more attention and time. 

As you can see, I am a “thick chick” and “thick chicks” rule. In the coming days, I will be looking through the approved applications to find a perfect family for me. Maybe one will say, “I love a thick chick and I cannot lie!”

7/4/22 Update:  Rose made herself right at home with us. She’s perfectly potty trained, gets along well with all of the other dogs, and is generally more interested in belly rubs than just about anything else. 

However, she is a 1-year-old girl, and she can be a bit of a bulldozer. When it comes to getting pets, she’ll knock just about anything out of her way to get to you. A little training will go a long way with this girl. 

While all Bulldog bodies are indeed beautiful, Rose will really benefit from a diet. She could stand to slim down a bit and some of her skin issues may be due to allergies that could be food-related. We will obviously know more once Dr. Larsen takes a look at her. 

All in all, Rose is a wonderful girl. It seems like she will fit right in with plenty of families. Especially if they’re looking for an adorable couch potato.  

7/25/22 Update:  Rose was spayed by Dr. Larsen last week and is scheduled to get her tail amputation this week. Therefore, she has to spend a little time with reduced activity while she heals. 

Though no puppy is ever happy about being on crate rest, Rose has been handling it incredibly well. She sleeps and waits patiently in her crate without a peep. When it’s time to come out, she can’t wait to get a belly rub, snuggle on your lap, or play (carefully) with her foster sister. Rose’s Wrestlemania Extravaganza will have to wait until she’s healed up and given the all-clear. Though she’s ready to tag in right now! 

Rose has never met anyone who isn’t a friend. She’s just a happy girl all the time. She has been showing an increasing amount of interest in “the place where food comes from” now that she’s on a diet. She’s developing quite the impressive Bulldog begging face. 

Rose looks forward to having these little surgeries behind her. I know she’s ready to find her furever family soon!

8/3/22 Update:  Miss Rose Nylund is very excited to tell you that after she has her pesky corkscrew tail removed, she’ll be ready to check out of rescue! 

She is silly, sweet and gets along with all creatures. She is curious and full of puppy energy. She loves to be doted on… especially with belly rubs. She will flop over, belly up, at your feet. That’s her subtle way of letting you know it’s cuddle time. 

She loves car rides, walks and life in general. She charms everyone she meets. Her forever home will be a better place with her in it.

8/8/22 Update:  Miss Rose wants you to know that she is happily looking for her forever family.  

She has been on crate rest for the last few weeks while recovering from her spay and tail amputation. I am so proud of her patience. She will sit in her kennel and play quietly, only letting out the cutest little whine when she needs to go outside. She goes right back in her kennel when asked. 

A few things Rose would like you to know: 

*You must be able to give belly rubs at a moment’s notice. 

*You must enjoy sharing your personal space. Rose takes companionship very seriously and thinks boundaries are for  Chihuahuas. 

*You must have a nice variety of toys. Chasing tennis balls and tossing around stuffies are her jam. 

*She loves having other fur friends to play with. She will wrestle and run with the other resident Bulldogs for hours. Many other fur friends spend time here and Rose has made friends with all of them – tall friends like Labs and a Standard Poodle, to a pair of Frenchie siblings and a sassy senior Brussels Griffon who is always in charge when staying here and Rose is just fine with that.