Simba Sam

Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $600.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Simba Sam


Simba comes to us from a shelter so I do not have a lot of information about him yet…other than the fact that he is so handsome. Very cool coloring and markings and the most adorable patch of brown around his left eye. He is said to be about 5 years old but has the energy of a much younger bully…he is active though that is partly due to his new environment.

Here’s what Simba had to say when he got “home”

Hi new friends, Simba here…well that was my name when I had a family but not I am somewhere totally new. Doesn’t look too bad here so far; nice bed, a bowl of food and already getting to walk outside to smell all my competition.

Foster Mom says I am a handful (of what, I don’t know) because I love to jump up on the couches and the bed and my favorite is give kisses. Problem is, after the kisses, I can get a bit forward, if you know what I mean. FM keeps yelling at me for lifting my leg in the house but I just want to let her know I am here and it is MY space now. She does not like that answer and hopes that both the humping and the marking will be reduced once I am fixed. Problem is, I did not know I was broken so not sure what they think they can fix.

What I am:

Handsome beyond belief (if I may say so myself)…beautiful markings and in great shape.

A lover – I do just want love and attention so please pet me and rub my belly.

A great walker – love when Mom takes me out as I am fine with the leash (did not love the collar going on) though I do pull a bit…just want to get in all the smells I can.

The perfect potential pet for a family who will be active with me and has a great yard for me to run.

Will you be my furrever family?

1/25/21 Update:  I’m checking in from the Saltine… just passing through, waiting my turn to see Doc Larsen and sit in her lap to tell her all about me! She already knows I’m handsome as can be, but word on the street is that she wants to “check under the hood” and find out all about me.

I can tell you I’m great with other furry things and I don’t even mind the pig that lives here. Foster Mom says, “If I can get along with the resident Queen that lives here, chances are good that I can get along with anybody!”
I LOVE to get attention and kisses and I’ll flop over for belly rubs. I come to my name (most of the time) and can wait to be fed, but I missed the classes that taught me how to “sit” and not “hike” in the house. That needs some patience and practice! The only rule I don’t like is the “kilt” Foster Mom makes me wear in the house because I like to hike on all the things. Foster Mom says I’m getting better about that every day because we have a pretty good routine around here and I am very trainable!
I only cry for a couple of minutes now when I go in my kennel. I have learned that Foster Mom is coming back to get me soon! I settle in quickly at night now and go right to sleep like a big boy. Stay tuned for my adventure in rescue and how perfect Doc Larsen says I am.
2/4/21 Update:  I’m back in the arms of my foster family. They are glad to have me back and I’m glad to be back. I literally jumped for joy when I saw my fur friends and Foster Dad. But Foster Mom said, “NO JUMPING!” (I still have stitches) She is such a party pooper!
I had a chance to visit with Dr. Larsen and her team last week. That’s when I found out I’m not as perfect as I thought.
I had my spa days and lost that “loving feeling.” Foster Mom calls it a neuter; I call it an “invasion of my privacy.”
Dr. Larsen found out I have some worms ~ two kinds: “hook” and “worms of the heart.” Turns out she’s not talking about Valentine’s Day! I was really sad when I found out what she was talking about. Maybe that’s why my family left me at the shelter?
Foster Mom said it’s not my fault and I might be in a little pain, but promises me that we will get through this together. I will be as good as new for a loving family who knows importance of heartworm prevention! After all my treatment, I will be perfect.
2/7/21 Update:  I’m soaking in the sunshine today while I can, because Foster Ma says it’s going to be a little chilly later in the week!!  My favorite thing is being on the bed so I can talk to Foster Dad about the days events and get some scratchin’ and belly rubs!  I have been 3 days dry as a bone and not marking in the house. I have learned to ring the bell at the back door and it magically opens to let me outside.  We are still working on sit, but I’m getting the hang of everything else pretty quickly.

Well, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I need to go get a nap in before the big game!  Go Chiefs!

2/14/21 Update:  Happy Valentine’s Day! It might be wet outside, but I continue to be “dry” inside! See what I did there? That was a house training joke. That’s OK. Foster Mom gets it!

I’m working on making snuggle buddies. I’m staying warm by making myself a comfy bed on the couch. I also practiced a few selfies this week. I needed some profile pictures ready for the ladies to see how handsome I am!
Foster Mom made us some oatmeal this morning. She wanted our tummies warm and full when we had to go outside to do our business in this 16* weather. That was a quick trip! Foster Mom didn’t even have time to get our first snow pictures because we were out and in so fast.
This afternoon, we get to have special biscuits made just for us for being such good puppies…. I can’t wait! Stay safe and stay warm!

2/16/21 Update:  Foster Mom says I better update while I can because we have been without power for 21 hours straight. We are hanging in there and staying warm with cozy blankets and taking turns sitting in front of the fireplace.

I don’t like the snow. I don’t like the cold. You will not have to worry about walking me in cold weather. Let me do my business and come right back inside to sit with you in front of the fire.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, Foster Mom is making us warm oatmeal again while the power is still on.