Watson Wayne

Age: 2 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $700.00 (Plus Sales Tax)

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog

Watson Wayne


Hello everyone, it’s me Watson joining rescue today!  And I am so excited to be out of the “artic blast” and into a great rescue!  A few days ago, I was picked up at a local shelter and there I sat waiting on my people to miss me and come get me. Well that never happened.  I kept thinking this shelter and these concrete floors are going to be getting pretty darn cold so come on family and find me.  And the rest is history.

No one came except my new best friend Cindy. Cindy got to the shelter at 9:00 and waited till 10:00 when they opened to make sure she was the first in line to help me get out and into rescue.  The shelter workers described me at funny, friendly, and loved to eat.  Yep, that’s me.  Now I can add famous because I am going to be on social media looking for a new family that won’t lose me.

2/14/21 Update: Yesterday was quite a whirlwind! After being sprung from the cold shelter, I ended up at this house. Here, there is a foster mom, dad and brother (two-legged).

When I first got here, I was a little restless, trying to figure out my surroundings. Then, I settled right in after getting the lay of the land.

I am enjoying being close to people. Even when they have to work in the office, I lay right next to them. I love being pet and the yummy food they have here. I’d take a little more if they’d give it to me. I’m recovering from a surgery just a few days ago, but I seem to be feeling really good. Foster Mom says I’m nearly perfect.

Sometimes, when I get really excited I try to show them how much I love them, but they told me that’s not appropriate. Also, sometimes, when I smell something I like in the house, I want them to know it’s mine now, so I mark it. They told me that’s not appropriate either. Hrmph! I guess I’ll need to work on those things.

There’s a backyard here that I like to explore, except it’s so darn cold right now. I still go out there to go potty and look around, but don’t stay too long. I slept all night in the crate with no problems and didn’t make a peep. See? Overall, I’m pretty perfect!

2/16/21 Update:  Good grief! What happened? When I got here, there was grass for me to do my business in and now it’s all this white cold stuff! Normally, I lumber around, taking my time to see and smell all the sights. Not now! I go out, hurry to my favorite spot, and sprint back in as quickly as I can.

I asked Foster Mom where my coat was. She said, “Sorry, buddy. I didn’t know you were coming, so I don’t have one for you.” Fortunately, I have treats and warms blankets waiting for me when I come back in. 😊
2/24/21 Update:  Unfortunately once his lab work came back, we found out that Watson Wayne has all kinds of intestinal parasites. But the worst news is that he tested positive for heart worms and will have to undergo treatment for that. His liver enzymes are a little off and he is hypothyroid. Fortunately, these are all things that can be brought under control with proper treatment.
3/2/21 Update:  After a brief stay with Dr. Larsen, I went back to my foster family. I got to hang out with my new friend, Clark, for a couple of days. I am super happy that he will find his furever home through East Coast Bulldog Rescue.

I was hoping to be on my way to a furever home, but Foster Mom got a call from Dr. Larsen. She looked a little sad and said something about worms. Yuck! Apparently, I need to take some medicine for awhile before I’m ready to move on. She tells me not to worry; I’ll get lots of love and attention here and be as good as new in no time.

In the meantime, I’m learning some new things. I’m pretty good at “sit” and I’m working on “stay.” Foster Mom keeps saying “lay down,” but why would I want to do that? Actually, I’m a huge fan of laying down, just not when I’m told to do so.

I have learned that I can play without getting “too” friendly and I’m not marking things in the house anymore. Yay! I’m enjoying the backyard a lot more, now that the white stuff is gone. I’ll just hang out here until I’m ready for my new family.