Age: 7 Yrs. Old

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $500

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

Adopt a Bulldog



Hello all, it’s me Wycliff and I have joined rescue!  And I was ready to join.

Why I was wandering down a busy highway is still a mystery to me. Not much makes sense. I remember being hot and tired and resting along the way but why I was out and about is just not clear. 

I will tell you when I got picked up the ladies at the shelter were so nice to me. They cooled me off and gave be a bath and one lady ran home and got her Manuka Honey and rubbed it all over my rear end. She could see it was raw and burning from all the flea bites. I could not even sit down. I sat in the shelter and wondered if anyone missed me but as the days passed I realized no one did. So, when the time came and the rescue wagon rolled up I was the first one out the door. I was ready to roll.  

I could hardly wait to sit with Dr. Larsen and tell her all my troubles. I was not shocked when she looked in my mouth and told me my gums were pale and she felt like I was sick. I did feel bad.  And even before I had the blood test Dr. Larsen said I was anemic and she thought I would be heartworm positive. And she was correct. I have heartworms and intestinal parasites. I did start to cry—Heartworms, hair loss,  not a “spring chicken” but a mature fella.  I sobbed.  Would anyone want to adopt a senior?  

Dr. Larsen assured me that I had worth and when she was finished with me I would be good as new and there is a lot of people that loved “a seasoned fella!” Dr. Larsen says she thinks I am about 7. 7 years young! My name is Wycliff and let my new life begin!

5/18/22 Update:  Wycliff is a kind and gentle boy. He goes with the flow and is laid back. He hasn’t been in his foster house long, but we already know he’s great with other dogs and he loves a comfortable dog bed.