Please light a candle for sweet Beau. He left for the Bridge, and left behind his brokenhearted family.

Last night, our precious baby boy, Beau, took his last breath. Beau came into our lives 612 days ago as a foster for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

When Beau joined rescue, he had a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur, was skin and bones recovering from a venomous snake bite and battled hip dysplasia. It took no time at all for us to fall madly in love with him!

Shortly after we were initiated into the “foster fail” club, Beau was diagnosed with severe pulmonic stenosis, which later progressed into congestive heart failure (CHF). With extra care, daily medications, and endless love, Beau fought CHF for nearly a year (when the cardiologist initially gave him just 3 months).

One thing about Beau? He never slowed down. He always showed us just what he could do, whether it was following each of us up and down the stairs, stealing his fur brother’s bone, then defending his new found bone 🤪 or soaking up some sun by the pool. Our baby wasn’t only a fighter, he was so very brave! He loved to cuddle up next to me, with his head on his paw as I softly sang “you are my sunshine!” He would just snooze and I could see his contentment. He also loved to make sure his dad wasn’t ever able to cuddle with me and vice versa. He knew he was a little stinker and frankly, he didn’t care. 😉 His eyes lit up for his family, pepperoni, chicken and French fries. He loved us and man, we love him!

We still can’t believe he’s gone. I just know when I walk in the house today, he’s going to be there. 😭 We are honored Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue trusted us to be his foster parents, and we’re forever grateful Beau chose US to be his forever family! Rest in peace, sweet Beau Beau! Our lives won’t be the same without you buddy.

Special update from Beau’s foster……..I mean FURever parents!! As most of you know, Beau is 30lbs of pure LOVE! He originally joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue back in January 2015, was adopted out and unfortunately returned to rescue due to no fault of his own. BUT you know that ‘ol saying, “Third time’s the charm” …well, we made a family decision to let Beau become our 1st “Foster Fail” and adopt him ourselves. Now, he will never go a day without knowing HE’S TRULY HOME! Plus, not only is today the day to celebrate Beau’s adoption, but it’s also his 4th birthday!

Welcome to the Gibbs Crib, Beau! We can’t imagine our family without YOU and we love you so very much sweet boy! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue!

Due to some considerable life changes for Beau’s mom, he has been returned to Rescue. He is as cute as ever. Stay tuned for more updates on the sweet little guy.,

Little Beau has been adopted! He will have a blast in his new forever home and will never lack for unconditional love. (2/24/16)

Please welcome Beau to rescue! He is an owner surrender that seems perfect. Beau is headed to the clinic for shots and a once-over and then he will be looking for his furever home! He is kid, dog and cat tested and does great with everyone and every fur animal.

Update 1/17/16:  Tiny little Beau (30 pounds) is so cute and petite, with the shortest, softest haircoat I’ve ever seen…. like cashmere. He’s a little overwhelmed by his BIG foster brother and sisters, but he’s trying to fit in. Beau is friendly, walks well on the leash, likes to play and is just a bit shy. Hopefully, he’ll settle in nicely this week and look forward to finding his furever home!

1/24/16 Update:  Beautiful beautiful Beau.  This guy has the largest hazel anime eyes I have ever seen on a dog…with a skin fold above each eye that looks like eyebrows 🙂  gives his face such animation. And his coat is the most beautiful caramel color and short…it looks and feels like cashmere. Beau is happy, a little shy but so so easy going.  He has never offered to mark in the house and will bark at the door when needing out or in. Our doggy door is set a little high for him and he prefers not to use it….except to stick his head thru to say…”I’m here…let me in or out.” And this little guy has a big dog bark! Its so low the first time I heard it I thought it was my Dobie. I can’t tell their bark apart . Beau does have some allergy issues…we had to put him on medication and he needs the medicated baths and wipes along with the limited ingredient diet…after all he is a bully!! Beau has to go in to Dr W tomorrow for a hernia repair and nasal job, but I expect a quick recovery so he can start working on finding that furever home. He is leash candy 🙂

10/8/17 Update:  Guesssssss whoooo?   Yea, that’s right, it’s me BEAU and I’m lookin’ for love! My foster dad says my facial expressions remind him of some ventriloquist’s puppet named Walter (🙄 whoever that is) and my foster mum says I’m such a little gentleman. I follow her around everywhere and I’m always there when she needs helps. I show off my skills and she even gives me a yummy treat. My foster Bulldog brother Blëu and I are buds. We have a lot of fun, go on walks together, and mum wants me to show Blëu how I catch a treat in mid air, but just between me and you, Blëu needs to lose a few pounds first 😉

Beau Video