3/30/16 Update:  Our hearts are sad to learn of the passing of Max, formerly known as Cheeto. He was such a sweet boy. He had a hard life as a stray before he came to rescue, but found such love with Shawn, Krista and his fur sister, Dixie.

Cheeto the bulldog is the much-loved cheesy pup that is fun for everyone! And once you meet Cheeto, cheesy smiles are sure to follow.

 As the saying goes, it ain’t always easy being cheesy. It’s clear from one look at Cheeto that he hasn’t been overindulging on the cheesy snacks. Cheeto came into rescue seriously underweight after being picked up from a shelter as a stray. He had to scrounge the mean streets for food, which left him pretty malnourished, but thankfully those days are far behind him.  Since coming into rescue, Cheeto’s foster mom has been focused on helping Cheeto gain some weight, but he’s still got some bulking up to do. So if you’re the kind of home that has a snack or two to share, Cheeto would be much obliged to lick the cheesy goodness off your fingertips.

 Cheeto is not only deliciously cute, but also nutritiously good for the soul. He just plain rocks! He is submissive and great around other dogs (he is untested around cats and kids, but his easy-cheesey-going nature would probably be a good fit). He does well in a crate, and though he isn’t totally housebroken yet his training is going well. He’s a quick learner and eager to please.

 And nobody can top Cheeto’s personality. He’s loving to his humans. He can be lazy and just kick it on the couch with you. He’s been known to snack on a Nylabone. He is described by his foster mom as sweet, loving, and easy-going—a combination that can’t be topped!

 If you think Cheeto would add the perfect flavor to your life, fill out an application today!

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