From Dolly’s mom:  My heart is shattered in a million pieces. Today we said goodbye to our sweet Dolly Dog. She fought the good fight. For three years we did everything we could to fight her disease and today she just couldn’t fight anymore. She was a our baby and will miss her every minute of every day. Until we meet again Sweet Girl, momma loves you.

5/24/2015 Update: Dolly was ADOPTED today!! Dolly had a great home visit with Johnny, Sara and their three year old bully, Tilly on Tuesday. They came today to take her to her furever home. Dolly has moved from a kennel to a condo in downtown Ft. Worth. Tilly is a special needs bulldog so her parents will do a great job helping Dolly get over her skin issue. They are a wonderful family and we welcome them to our LSBCR family!! Congrats to all.

Dolly is a 3 yr. old female that weighs approximately 43 lbs.  She gets along well with other dogs and humans of all sizes.

5.10.2015 Update: Dolly is simply a doll who happens to look like a bulldog. She was an breeder surrender. She is adjusting well to her new life with Lone Star Bulldog Rescue Club. Dolly has  Pemphigus (an autoimmune skin disease). She is taking medication for it and it already looks much better after a few days. Hopes are that it will go into remission and that at worst she will just have to take a pill each day to keep it in remission. She loves her foster brother and they get along great. She was very shy and seemed afraid at first, but every day she comes more out of her shell and displays more energy. We still have some work to do on potty training, but she does well on a leash and has no problem going into her crate. She loves to follow her foster pops everywhere and loves to sit with and be petted by her foster mom. She has the sweetest face and everyone seems to fall in love with her at first sight. She was very popular at the Dallas Pet Expo and loved seeing everyone and spending some extra quality time with several.

5/17/2015 Update: .Dolly is so excited about this coming week. She has a meet and greet with a great couple and their bulldog on Tuesday and then her first follow-up with Dr. W. on Wednesday. Her skin condition is getting much better so we hope she can be spayed and go to her furever home very soon. She went several days without an accident this week, but the last couple of days spoiled that record. She is beginning to get it. Dolly is still learning the joys of grass.  We are using a leash and making her walk in the grass as much as possible so she is more comfortable with it. She is just pure sweetness and gets along with everyone. She and her foster brother really enjoy one another. Each day she becomes more relaxed, more confident and less timid. She is getting so excited about having a new home and a new playmate.