2/10/16: Miss Ellie!  My heart is full and sad at the same time.  Ellie crossed over Rainbow Bridge this morning.  She was 13 Years old, blind and deaf.  We rescued her from Arlington Animal Shelter.  She has been with me for a month and a half.  She stopped eating yesterday and when I came home from work she had pooped and vomited all over the house.  I took her to emergency care and they gave her something to settle her tummy.

This morning we went out to potty came in and took our place (like we do every morning) on the couch to have coffee together.  She laid her head in my lap and within 10 minutes she took a big breath and was gone.  I am very grateful to have had her in my life, grateful she had me in her life and very very grateful she belonged to someone when she passed.  She is being cremated and will forever be with me on the nightstand next to my bed that was her favorite place to sleep.

I am also very grateful to LSBCR for allowing me into rescue so I was there to bring her home, take care of her and let her know she was loved for the final part of her life.

Rest Now My Baby!!! Momma Loves You.

Ellie came to us from a local shelter. When I picked her up, she weighed 37 pounds and was so weak from malnutrition that she could not walk, or even stand. She is also blind and deaf.

I am happy to report that after three weeks in our care, she has gained 5 pounds and is now at 42 pounds. She can now not only stand, she can walk, completely around the exterior of my house by herself! YAY MISS ELLIE! She is finding her way around the inside too. Because she can’t hear or see, she relies on touch and smell. We’ve walked into many things, but we just back up and try again. Her skin infection is healing and now we just have to wait for her hair to grow back. The vet says she is healthy in every way ~ she just needs to gain weight and build her muscles in her hind legs.

She is my joy! She is a fighter in every way. It’s taken her awhile to trust me and give love back, but she knows she’s loved now. Anyone who adopts her would have to be understanding and patient. She has been through a lot of neglect and abuse. Not having her sight or hearing is also a challenge for her and her parents, but she deserves all the love someone can give her.