Our hearts are heavy tonight because we had to help Senior Saint Ethel go to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She had gone downhill fast and had stopped eating, and was barely drinking. Ethel left this world peacefully… And deeply loved by our rescue family. Until we see you again, sweet Ethel…

Ethel is an 8 yr. old female that weighs approximately  80 lbs.

5/31/2015 Update: Ethel is an 8 yr. old female that joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue this weekend. She was an owner surrender. She seems to be a very sweet girl that loves to be around people.  Ethel’s hearing and eyesight isn’t as good as the younger set, but she is the sweetest most loving lady you will ever find.  She is currently at the clinic getting evaluated, more information on her will come as she joins her foster family. Ideally, a quiet, relaxed forever home will be best for Miss Ethel.

6/21/2015 Update: Blind as a bat and  100% deaf Ethel will charm you almost instantly with insisting on following you every step you take. Ethel has to be 10 but she can keep up with you if she can feel your presence . Ethel perfect family will be older and slower and appreciate a seniors life ! But Ethel has a lot of living left to live !  Ethel is a large girl that often gets stuck in small places and he to be backed out and turned around, but make no mistake Ethel is about 80 lbs of beauty!

6/28/2015 Update: At age 8 Ethel is just an older lady and mostly slow. Getting up is extremely hard because her back legs slide out from under her a lot and she loses her balance, but with a few attempts she is up and moving. Ethel is also deaf.  Ethel’s eyes look good yet often she just walks into things !  Ethel’s favorite part of the day is meal time and treat time. She loves both!