Please keep Georgia’s furever family in your thoughts and prayers… she’s earned her angel wings. Her momma writes: “Tonight, we said goodbye to Georgia. She was wanted and loved, never knew need and feasted on burger patties and vanilla wafers today after a wagon ride for her picnic in the park. We will miss her tail wags and soothing snores. Until we meet again sweet girl.”

Georgia has been ADOPTED!!!! Georgia hit the bulldog lottery today when she joined her new mom and dad forever. In July, Priscilla a LSBCR alumna, passes away after a trip to the groomer. The house was quite and very lonely. When they saw Georgia, a senior that needed a home, they knew Priscilla would want them to honor her by adopting another senior bulldog. Georgia has moved out rescue and into a great home where she will want for nothing.

Georgia is a 8 yr. old female that weighs 63 lbs.

Georgia joins LSBCR today. After originally being found as a stray at a local shelter, Georgia has spent time with a local mutli-breed rescue. They reached out to LSBCR for assistance to find this sweet older lady a forever family. She has been loved and well taken care of, but the rescue groups feels that a breed specific rescue like LSBCR is more suited to finding her a home. Georgia is going to make a quick trip to the clinic to address some eye issues and to get a check-up. Once she is released she will be heading to her foster family and will begin her search for her forever family

7/25/2015 Update: Last Friday I picked up a very sweet little (well, maybe not so little just yet- but we’re working on it) female senior bulldog named Georgia, who I affectionately call “Miss Georgia” now. She is a very sweet and curious about everything going on around  jer. And just because she’s a little senior lady (estimated at 9 yrs old), don’t count her out on wanting to explore and jump at the frogs or geckos in the yard. We usually take 3-4 short walks a day around my front yard and sometimes my neighbor’s yard and she lets me know when she needs to stop for a break –but, truthfully, I’m usually ready for a break before she is.

When I first brought Miss Georgia into my house, she seemed just fine with my young bulldog, Hope, and my two Cavaliers. But when she met my 4 year old bulldog she became a little startled so I am keeping her separated from them for now just until I can figure out if they can get along together.  She is perfectly house-broken—no accidents in my house at all. She takes care of all her potty business on her walks outside. She is a very quiet and polite house guest—no barking, no chewing on anything, no fussing/whining.  She loves her bath times and then she loves to go rolling on her back in the grass!

She will be going to see Dr. Whitworth tomorrow for her first check up so we will know more about her health after that.

8/9/2015 Update:  Little Miss Georgia has been with me since July 23 and has settled in very nicely. She never barks for anything, she never whines, and she continues to be very well potty trained. She has only used a puppy pad once and that was my fault because I was so slow to get her outside that morning. She had her fist visite with Dr. W on Friday, July 31st.

Dr. W thinks Georgia is about 8 yrs. old as opposed to the previous estimate of her age at 9 years old. She is heartworm negative and weighs close to 65 lbs. She had a small growth on her right eyelid removed and didn’t even flinch. That didn’t surprise me, because she never fusses about anything, she is a tough but sweet senior lady.

It has been so hot, that I have been taking Georgia out either early or late when the temperatures are lower. Georgia is so good to let me put a hot  on her or a cooling collar that I decided to let her wear some battery operated lights on her  collar.

Georgia has come a long way, her coat is filling in from the flea bits and looks beautiful. She loves her nap time and she loves car rides. I’m still not certain about whether she will be ok with other dogs or cats yet. We’ll work on that. But she loved to be around her humans. She has a lot of love to give some lucky forever family.

8/16/2015 Update: Georgia, Ooh Georgia, without a home no peace she will find…just an old sweet adoptable gal, keep Georgia on your mind!! This senior lady is searching for the perfect home to spend her days basking in the sun and napping on a soft bed. Georgia has shared so many things in her life (including many litters of adora-bull babies), that she would prefer to have the love & comforts of her new family all to herself (its only fair). Although she will get along with other dogs for a short visit, once she is ready for company to leave she has no problem showing it. What Georgia wants, Georgia gets, and that includes free roam of the house (baby gates are only obstacles to be overcome). One thing she will not tolerate are cats. She is very adamant about letting kitties know that they are not welcome in her house! However she can quickly be distracted by a man willing to show her affection. She is such a FLIRT, and will snuggle, rub and kiss on all the handsome fellas, following them around for lovins. If you are looking for just the right companion to share your heart with, please keep Miss Georgia on your mind.

8/22/2015 Update: Georgia is known as the resident Matriarch at my home! As a senior Georgia is constantly watching closely what everyone is doing. At a moments notice she can be on high alert and before you know it she has jumped right in the middle of anyone playing and having fun.  Georgia loves loves loves people and kids, other things with fur can sometime be a problem.  Georgia has been coming to work with me a lot and she spends most of her time napping. Georgia’s perfect family will be fur free,  not active,  and will not have to have a bulldog that will come when called or wants to play games. Georgia is completely potty trained and very easy to love.