Hercules is a 10 yr. old male that weighs 47 lbs.

Hercules is truly a love bug!  He wants nothing more than to be loved.  He will follow you around looking up at you longingly as if begging you to pay attention to him.  He’s a sweet guy with some pep left in his step who wants to spend his remaining years in a loving home of his own where he can be their only bully so he doesn’t have to compete for attention.  He feels he deserves that at his age, and so does his foster family.  He loves naps on the couch next to his people and sunning in the yard, but that Foster mom makes him come inside after a few minutes because it’s too hot.  He’s a perfect bulldog buddy!

8/2/2015 Update:Sweet, attention loving Hercules!  We just love this guy!! He enjoys sunning, long walks to find the perfect poop space (\uD83D\uDE01), naps on the couch, following his people around hoping for a chin scratch or some sweet adoration whispered into his ears!  He wants to play and be part of the pack, but he then gets grumpy and has to be separated from the rest of the bullies.  Hercules would do best in a home where he can be the center of his people’s attention!  He deserves all of the love and snuggles he can get!  He is an older gent but he is still quite active!  He has minor skin issues that just require more frequent bathing with medicated shampoo and he needs eye drops daily.  He’s in great health for a bulldog.  Hercules will make a great companion for whomever is lucky enough to adopt this wonderful bully!

8/9/2015 Update: Hercules remains the silly, attention loving bully boy he’s been since he came into rescue!  He loves people!  He could soak up affection all day!!  He has been very tolerant of his ear cleanings and his daily eye drops.  He tolerates the other pups in the house for short periods of time, but he is Hercules!!  He knows he deserves ALL the attention.!

8/15/2015 Update: Hercules is just waiting for his forever family to love him, adore him, feed him, and give him treats for the rest of his years!  He may be older, but he still has life left and kisses to give!!

9/13/2015 Update: Hercules turns 11 soon and his foster mom and dad along with all of his foster fur siblings are going to throw him the biggest birthday bash he’s ever seen!  We never know how much time we have left with our fur babies as even young dogs become very ill and leave this world way too soon.  We certainly understand why so many want to adopt younger bullies in rescue, but we must say, until you have loved a senior you have missed out on a truly amazing experience!  Their love comes from a wiser, deeper place in their soul that adds a calm and peacefulness to any life it touches.  Hercules has so much love and kisses to give!  He would love to give all that he has to his furever family!  Their lives will be changed as never before!

9/20/2015 Update: Dear Jesus, I been a bery good boy.  Pwease sen my fureber famiwee soon.  Fank you.  Your bully – Hercules.

9/26/2015 Update: Hercules is still a love bug of a man! He is patiently waiting on his furever family to whisk him away for short times of rough housing and play followed by snuggle time on the couch.  He’s not particular about what’s on TV as long as he can be by your side!

Adopt A Senior!!  Love Doesn’t Keep Track Of Years!!
10/25/2015 Update:  Hercules, Hercules, Hercules!!!  Herc has had a rough few weeks. This older gentleman woke one day not wanting to get out of his kennel.  He even ‘yelped’ in pain when he was picked up and put on the couch so off to the vet we go.  Of course, Hercules walks right out of his kennel and trots into the vet office as if I made the whole ‘pain’ issue up.  The vet called later in the day telling me that Herc ran across the clinic and a treat wasn’t even involved!!  What?! Did he just want a change in scenery for a day?? Thankfully, the vet is a really smart guy and knew that Herc is a stoic bully boy and he was guarding his right leg/hip.  Hercules has been on some anti inflammatory meds to give him some relief and some days are better than others for him.  We added a super thick padded bed to his kennel for him to sleep on at night. Even with a hurting leg/hip this boy still hops off the couch for ear scratches and kisses!! And through all the rain he’s the trooper who still potties outside!!  Hercules is still our hero!!
11/1/2015 Update:  Hercules is proof that age is just a number!  He’s fully capable of getting up on the couch and into his favorite chair all without assistance! The other Bulldogs in the house take the lazy route and use the dog stairs to get onto the couch!  He’s a lover to all humans!!