Please remember Hurley’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

We wanted to let you know about our sweet “Hurley Bub.”  We adopted him in Nov. 2015 and brought him home to Colorado.  This guy imprinted on my husband the minute he came home from deployment and never left his side!

We finally retired from the Army and moved home to Washington; cooler weather and near the water.  Hurley was aging but still keeping up and then one day his belly was distended.  We took him in, they drained his belly and informed us it was coming from his heart; we took him to the specialist only to find out he had a tumor around 3/4 of his heart.

 On March 6, 2020 we had to make the decision none of us want to do but know is best.  

We want you to know this BIG boy was a challenge for us with all his “manners” he did not have (humping everyone, arguing with us everyday, shredding everything) sharing was not his strong suit and walking was not something he understood but loved to do.  But we wouldn’t trade a day!  He became a playmate for our other bully, a nightmare crusher for my daughter and a game-day buddy for my husband.  Our house has just seemed “still” without his large personality but we know he is around still wondering and checking on us to make sure we’re ok.


Hurley joined rescue as an owner surrender today. He was very well taken care of in his previous family and is a very lovable little guy. Hurley will join his foster family today. Stay tuned for more details.

9/20/2015 Update: I picked Hurley up in Waco this weekend. His dad is being deployed and so he now has a new home with LSBCR. Hurley gave me quite a scare as he easily gets overheated, even more so than a typical bulldog. But no worries, Hurley cooled down with a bag of ice in the back seat and once he was feeling better, he decided that “toss the ice” was his new favorite game. Hurley is a beautiful dog with a heart of gold. He is great with kids and dogs of all shapes and sizes but is not a big fan of cats. Hurley loves to play fetch and will give you the sweetest slobbery kisses. He is 100% housetrained and crate trained and walks like a gentleman on his leash. Hurley does have some chronic dry eye that requires drops daily and has to be on limited ingredient food, but for a bulldog he is very healthy and happy. Anyone would be very lucky to have this guy in their life.

9/26/2015 Update:  have only had Hurley for a week now….but we learned a whole lot about him this weekend at Hollywood Feed Event.  Here is what we know about Hurley.

1. He is GORGEOUS!!

2. He LOVES little people!  He was greeting all the little ones that came through the door.

3. He is a thief!  He stole many treats and tried to steal lots of toys.

4. He is very social with other pups!  He greeted and socialized with all the bulldogs that were there as well as all the other pups that came to do their shopping.
Here is what we know about Hurley from living in our home.
1. He is GORGEOUS!!
2. He is 100% Housebroken.  When he has to go out, he will bark at the door.  When he wants in, he will bark at the door.
3. He LOVE treats.  That’s because he can only have whole meat treats like jerky, dehydrated organs and fish skins.  He has to maintain a No Wheat/No Corn/No Grains.  When Harley wants a treat he will stand at the counter and bark at the cookie jar.  He does this a WHOLE LOT!
4. Hurley is a Billy Goat.  He likes to climb up on things if there is something at a higher elevation he wants.  I have to keep the chairs pushed in at the dining table.  He has climbed up on the patio table to try to get a toy that I took away from him.  When I ran to get my camera….he of course climbed back down before I could get the picture.
5. Hurley is crate trained.  He goes in his crate to eat and sleep at night.
6. Hurley LOVES toys and can be very toy possessive.  He can’t have toys when he is with the other dogs.  If the other dogs try to play with him with a toy….he can get aggressive.
7. He LOVES to go on walks.
Hurley is a really sweet boy!  He is very social with people, kids and other dogs as long as there are no toys.  He won’t share!!
He is a little bit of a special needs bulldog because he will always have to have drops in his eyes twice a day for dry eye.  He is a VERY good boy when getting his eye drops.  He doesn’t fuss as he sits calmly and let you put the drops in.
Did I mention he is just GORGEOUS???

10/18/2015 Update: OMG!  Hurley is the biggest ham ever!!  Living with Harley is like living with a cartoon character.  He loves to do things to make me laugh.  He had a great time at Bulloween!  He had a great time riding around in his stroller and popping his head out to greet people.  Hurley is a very active and spunky guy who wants to play games, chomp on his Nylabones and sit in the big chair and watch some television.

One of the funniest things about Hurley is he is very vocal.  He is not so much a barker as he is a talker.  He does what most bulldoggers refer to as “the Wookie noise”.  He has many voices and sounds….so I thought it would be fun to share them with you.  Please enjoy this short video….”The Voices of Hurley”.

Hurley is 5 years old, about 60 pounds (I have taken a little bit of weight off of him), 100% house trained and crate trained.  He was extremely well taken care of before he came into rescue.  He is very healthy but will always require eye drops 2-3 times per day for his dry eye.  No worries though because Hurley is so good about getting his eye drops. He will sit and let me put his drops in his eyes and then gobble down a tasty treat!
All Harley wants is to be someone’s favorite cartoon character….FUREVER!!!

1/11/2015 Update:  Hurley is being very patient about waiting for his perfect furever home.  He took advantage of the sun coming out yesterday for a little bit and took in a quick snooze in the sun.

Hurley is pretty much my shadow still and just needs to be wherever I am.  With the rainy day Saturday, he took full advantage of sitting in the chair with me watching movies…and taking naps.
Another funny fact about Hurley he is absolutely the most curious inquisitive bulldog I know.

11/8/2015 Update: Hurley is just one cool dude!  Hurley’s most favorite thing in the whole wide world is car rides!  This boy will do anything to get in the car and go for a ride.  Sometimes I just take him around the culdesac and he is so happy!  Hurley’s second favorite thing is to lay next to me in the big chair and chew on his Nylabone and watch football!  He loves watching football!

Sunday is bath day at my house….and Hurley is such a good boy!  When I tell him it is time for his bath, he will just walk into the shower without any fussing.  He feels so good after his bath that he just won’t sit still for me to towel dry him!  He thinks the rug in my master bedroom is much better than any towel…any day!
If you’re a really cool dude looking for a really cool dude to hang out and watch football with….then you need to apply for Hurley TODAY!!!

11/15/2015 Update:  Poor Hurley!  He just can’t understand why he has not gone to his furever home yet.  He’s such a good boy and just a super fun dog.  He is so comical and very inquisitive.  He has to know everything that is going one, know everything that I am doing.  If I bring bags or boxes in the door, he has to do his inspection to make sure the contents are to his approval.  He loves when we get boxes from!

Hurley is not much of a “dog” dog as he is a “people” dog.  Don’t get me wrong, he gets along with other dogs but they are not his focus.  He really doesn’t care about visiting with other dogs, but LOVES to visit with people.  Sometimes I think that Hurley is very preoccupied in his chair chewing on one of his Nylabones so I will leave the room to go do something.  Only to find that Hurley is just one step behind me.  Hurley does not like to be where I am not.  He is my shadow and bodyguard.
Hurley loves to play tug-o-war with me and tries to win through intimidation.  But, as you can see by this video he is all growl and no bite!  He just likes to make a lot of noise.
On days that I work from home, Hurley is always supervising in bulldog fashion…..RIGHT under my desk chair.
Hurley is looking for his Person or family.  It is his only wish is to be in his furever home for Christmas.