Please keep Liam’s furever family in your thoughts. Liam earned his wings unexpectedly. The family writes: We adopted Liam in March of 2016. I wanted to let you know he passed away suddenly on 30 March 2019. He had been to the vet a couple of weeks prior for a check-up (usual issues, dry eye and allergies), but he was doing
really well. On Saturday morning, I was petting him and he fell over and started jerking and died a few minutes later.

We are stricken and heartbroken. He was such a great addition to our home. We made a donation in his name. Thank you for all you do for Bulldogs. All the best, Gary & Paula

It is with great saddness for our pack BUT much excitement for Liam as today he was adopted and went to live with his furever family!
I must say I feel Liam has hit the jackpot with his new family Gary and Paula.  We’ve been txting back and forth since last week and I’m not sure who was more excited about the match, them or me! A past adopter with LSBR, they brought Liam’s new harness and leash and purchased him toys while we we visiting and Paula just couldnt wait to get kisses from Liam…..which of course he kindly obliged. I know Liam will have the best life possible and we wish them all good health and happiness.

Please welcome Liam to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family! He was picked up Friday at a local shelter and will have to have tail surgery before he is available for adoption.

Please stay tuned for more details about this boy.

2/1/16 Update:  What can I say about this guy? He is simply perfect!!  Liam had his tail removed last week and is convalescing. This guy is majestic: 73# of square beefy bulldog. Liam needs to be a University football or Marine unit mascot!!!!! Ha..ha…he just exudes that regal air. Liam is chill and relaxed and goes with the flow. He waits patiently for his meals and takes a treat from your hand very gently. He LOVES to be brushed, petted and loved on but doesn’t demand it and won’t push thru the crowd to get it. He’s just the perfect gentleman. Liam’s only vice….when he drinks….from the chest up to the eyes goes INTO the water pan…like a hippo rising from the river….so yeah….a big towel now stays by the water. (So you get your floors cleaned daily….that’s a good thing right?). Liam will be ready for his new family when he gets his sutures out the end of this week…..and he’s looking forward to a really thorough butt scratching!!

2/7/16 Update:  This guy is the bomb! Liam is the poster dog for the Bulldog breed: big, square, friendly, laid back and does the best Bulldog strut on his walk… and he LOVES to walk. I just can’t find a bad thing to say about him. He is perfect! He really needs a family that will show him off everywhere to everyone.

2/15/16 Update:  I really dont have anything new to say about Mr Liam…..except he is just the coolest bulldog I’ve ever known. He’s just perfect! He’s very chill and laid back…..nothing seems to upset him or puts him in a bad mood. Liam LOVES to go for walks or for a ride in the car. When on a walk you can hold his leash with 1 little finger….he doesnt pull or tug you anywhere….even if he is excited to see something. He is just a gentleman all the way…for his bath..taking treats…toe nail trims..even when one of the girls gets “snappy” in his face….he’ll just look at me and say…”Well she’s in a mood!” I think Liam would do best with an active family that likes to go and take their well behaved bully with them!

2/24/16 Update:  Liam is just the best dog! He’s no fuss and goes with the flow. Liam gets along with everyone and is always so polite. He does love a good walk and gets disappointed when he realizes we’re headed back home. Liam has a meet-and-greet this Saturday, but if it’s not a match, he’ll be at our event at Hollywood Feed Mansfield on March 5. Liam’s waiting patiently for his forever family to go places with!

2/29/16 Update:  Poor Liam has an abcessed tooth. I noticed swelling on the right side of his face a few days ago but couldn’t see anything going on. I took him in this morning and sure enough! So he’s on antibiotics with a dental extraction next Monday!! But he loved the car ride to the vet and a short walk when we got home. He’s a traveling man….loves to go.