Lola Louise

Lola Louise

Please keep Lola Louise’s furever momma, Christy, in your thoughts, as she had to say goodbye to her special girl.

Christy writes: Seven years ago, I joined rescue. The day after I was approved to be a foster parent, I drove to Puckett’s Nursery to pick up Lola Louise, my first foster dog. I took my Bulldog Sadie Lou with me. We were excited and nervous about our new road in life.

Lola walked in the room, 6 years old, with a crooked jaw and a tongue that hung out the left side of her mouth all the time. I had been told she needed to be an only dog, but being naive, I thought I could change that. I never did. She never had an applicant interested in her, so I adopted her.

For seven years, Lola started hundreds of dog fights in the house and never won one. It didn’t matter if they were her siblings or foster dogs just passing through, she gave them all HELL! She never minded me or listened to me, but she loved me and I loved her.

That’s how she was with dogs … with people, she was different. When something made me sad, she would be the only dog in the house to come over to me to let me know she cared.

The night my Sadie Lou died, I sat on the floor and cried. Lola came over and started licking the tears off my face. She sat with me until I was cried out and could get off the floor.

My son went through a bad time this year and when he would come to visit, she would walk out to the swing and sit with him. This was special because, at 13 years old, she didn’t like to go outside anymore. She did it because she had this need to care and be close when you were at your worst.

Lola woke me at 12:30 Sunday night (Mother’s Day) with an extended stomach and in pain. She died at 12:50 in the car on the way to the emergency clinic in Sunnyvale.

The house is quiet now. No barking, growling or fighting. We thought we would like the quiet. We don’t! What we realize now is that she was the life of our home, whether we liked her ways or not. The other dogs seem lost. I’m lost. She slept with me, so now I sleep alone.

I spent seven years thinking of her as my problem dog, never knowing how to handle her.

Now, I don’t seem to know how to handle it without her.

I love and miss you, Lola Louise! Play nice with the others across the Rainbow Bridge and tell Sadie Lou Mom says hi!

Lola was left with Lone Star Bulldog Rescue again as an owner surrender, through not fault of hers. Her  frame is little, at only 46 lbs., and her tongue hangs loose. She’s got a few minor health problems – cataracts, dry eye, and arthritis – but she never lets it lower her mood.

Leashes? Loves ‘em. Laying in her crate? Likes it. Leaving your carpet alone and doing her business outside? Learned it.

Lola Louise is probably best as a lone dog in the house. Though she’s loving, it can be to a fault, as she can be jealous of other dogs around her humans. She can also be a bit possessive of toys and food, so she is probably best getting all of your love and attention to herself.

But her feelings towards dogs end with dogs! She loves little humans (also known as kids), and also loves little lions (also known as cats). She is low energy, and is happiest locking in to the couch to cuddle with you. She appreciates a good belly rub more than just about anything, and is trustworthy enough to be left alone in the house. Because of her laid-back attitude, she would be great for first-time bulldog owners.

If you believe Lola Louise will be the light in your bulldog life, let us know but filling out an application!

9/20/2015 Update: Lola Louise is my very first foster and she’s braking me in good.  She has been with me since this past Sunday. I have found in this short time of being with Lola that we have something in common.  We both love being “Only Children”.  We are very comfortable with playing, eating, sleeping, walking, watching TV with only our people family.  Lola is 8 years does not care much  for the company of other dogs, but she loves, loves, loves people.. She is very satisfied by only her receiving all the loving me or her future family can give.  Like (me) only children she doesn’t share with others well.  She seems fine with the cats though.

Lola is a very happy and playful for 8 years old.  She loves to play fetch and play with her toys. Loves the outdoors and walks.  Perfect on a leash or halter. She loves to sleep with me on the bed and has taken her place right under my arm (all night).
Lola’s medical problems are: Dry Eye and Ear Infections.  The ear infections come and go but the dry eye is forever.  She is wonderful about taking her medicine and wants to love on you afterwards.
She is showing me the ropes on fostering and have a feeling when her forever family comes along it will be very hard for me to let her go.

9/26/2015 Update:  Lola Louise!  Well, we have finally settled in as a family.  It took a little adjustment, but our lives are smoothing out.  Lola went to work with me this past week and melted everyone’s heart.  Not much work was done that day.  She also has began making friends in this small town we live.  Everywhere in town we go everyone gives her treats and knows her name.  She loves to ride in the car (Whoa! maybe the treats are why she loves to ride).

We will be going to see Mr. W next Friday to get our ears and eyes check out.  All medicine taken so we are looking for a great report.
10/4/2015 Update:  10/4/2015 Update:  Lola Louise had a wonderful week.  She goes to the office with me most of the time, but this week was special, LSBCR volunteer Amber  met us at Klyde Warren Park Sunday and took pictures of Lola.  We had a wonderful time.  Lola enjoyed all the attention from Amber and all the people at the park.  She is great with kids, which is something I did not know until this weekend.  She was so good all day and Amber was so patient with her.  She is beginning to except that my other dogs get to live with us too!  Slowly but surely she is more comfortable with sharing attention.  She is a sweet, quite and loving girl and has become a big part of our lives.  She can still show her Diva side, but we love her.

10/11/2015 Update:   She is the most loving bulldog. Loves to go for rides.  This weekend I was cleaning out the inside of my farm truck and left the door open and when I came back there she was sitting in the front seat ready to go.  She was quite disappointed when all we were doing was cleaning.  She is a GREAT dog for someone who wants a total companion. She takes every step I take and loves being in the yard with me.  She still wants to be the “ONLY CHILD” but loves the cats and small people.  She is a quite girl, but gets very excited when I come home. She barks and wiggles until she gets her “Mommy’s Home” loving.  Anyone who adopts Lola Louise would be getting a wonderful, loving girl, true companion and great friend.  I love her very much!

10/25/2015 Update: Lola Louise!  She has been a good girl this week.  I had a home visit for an adoption family in Overton, Texas on Wednesday and my Lola finally got her wish.  She got to ride in the car all day.  My son went with us and I told him the Miss Lola Louise would ride to the end of the earth in a car. She slept for the 2 hour trip down, was a perfect lady at the home, and slept the 2 hours back.  She is a great traveling companion.  She was exhausted when we finally got home.  My son was so impressed with her.  Here is a pic of her the next day after her adventure.  If you call sleeping 4 hours an adventure. LOL!

11/1/2015 Update:  Lola Louise!  Has been her diva self this week.  Since the weather cooled down she and her mommy have been moving a little slower.  Her aggression seems to be getting a lot better.  She still wants to be the Only Princesses in the house, but she is learning to tolerate the other babies.

11/8/2015 Update:  Lola Louise has had a wonderful week.  She went to work with me and loved having special time with her mommy.  Everyone in the building loves her so she gets all the attention.  She was so tired after work she didn’t even want to argue with her sister Sadie Lou.  I even have pics to prove it.  She did not appreciate it raining last week it messed up her outside time.  She is loving the Sunday sun and has been sunning herself on the veranda (back patio) like a true southern woman.  All that was missing was her mint julep.

11/15/2015 Update: Lola has had a quiet week.  Not much excitement has gone on at our casa this week.  She is very content to sleep and eat all day. She and her siblings have gotten along Great this week.  She has found a new spot in the house to claim, right next to me watching Law and Order.  She is a great companion.  She is my quiet child.  You never hear a peep out of her until it is food time.  Then she wiggles, barks and talks until her bowl is in front of her.  I love this girl!