Lulu joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today as an owner surrender. She is heartworm positive, so she will need to be kept under strict crate rest for 30 days to insure a complete recovery.  Lulu will be joining her foster family next week to begin the resting/healing process. More information will be provided in the days ahead.

11/22/2015 Update:  LuLu, the queen.  Plain and simple she wants that status.  She has joined me at work this week because she insists on monitoring any one she considering having to much fun and with her attitude she jumps right in, starts a fight , LuLu is back to needing to be the only fur thing in the family because she will not tolerate any bulldog playing in the floor.

1/10/16 Update:  LuLu is just plan easy. The highlight of Lulu’s day is getting to eat. LuLu does not have a lot of energy, but she can still fight a female if the opportunity arises. LuLu would make a first time bulldog owner a great companion because she loves people and really loves kids. Lulu will wait till someone comes along that appreciates a beautiful senior that just wants to hang around with them.

1/17/16 Update:  Senior LuLu, who some might say is just not that cute still has a lot of love left to give ! LuLu’s main part of the day is resting and eating but Lulu can still take a long walk, and charm anyone that meets her. LuLu’s perfect family will be happy enjoying a senior bulldog that shows years of neglect in her eyes and has a tongue that will not stay in her mouth, ever!

2/15/16 Update:  The Stalker keeps stalking her victims, low and slow.  Not that smart as she continues to pick fights she will never win is LuLu.  LuLu is a challenge, not that cute, makes a huge mess eating, tongue hangs out to the side all the time. Lulu is looking for a family that understands her. Lulu’s saving grace is she gets to come to work with me and everyone loves her.