She is free of the crippling arthritis and constant pain that tormented her final week. Instead, she is spreading glee and sharing the joy that epitomized her final year. “Happy” is the one word that best describes her.

Last Friday, she developed a disturbing partial paralysis overnight. From the videos, Dr. Larsen suspected nerve or disk problems and advised a visit to our local vet immediately. He recommended cortical steroid therapy, which should have substantially improved Phyllis’ condition by Monday. When it failed, we tried laser therapy to no avail. She made minor gains, but always fell back further behind the starting line.

Her condition deteriorated severely by this morning; she suffered in abject pain, whimpering throughout the night. Our other Bulldogs sensed her agony and crowded around in empathy. In consultation with rescue and the vets, the path to finality emerged as the only humane choice. There was also a chance that her soft tissue cancer had spread to her bones. At the end, she crossed from our embrace, to the arms of Morpheus, and into the grace of God for the escort to forever.

When Miss Phyllis moved in with us January 2018, we believed that she would be a lifer here. Every day was “tongue out Tuesday.” She never got an adoptive nibble, which we found odd for such a loving and fun dog. Her age lengthened the odds. We updated her infrequently. Perhaps we prophetically harbored a desire to keep her.

She arrived with afflictions, including incontinence, arthritis and cancerous tumors. At first, she hobbled in a halting and painful gait, peed everywhere, and refused to eat. She left this life with a ferocious lust for food, even pirating another pup’s discarded breakfast today.

Dr. Larsen adjusted her meds and Phyllis thrived within her limitations. Phyllis taught us that a loving, nurturing environment brings forth the best from each of us. One of her blessings was the heart of a hero. She overcame her challenges with the courage and determination of a warrior. We basked in the gratitude and love that she showered upon us. She nurtured us more than we nurtured her.

Ironically, just last month, a family that adopted another Bulldog from us asked to adopt Phyllis. We were thrilled for everyone. Miss Phyllis did not make it to their furever home, but is now in her forever home. We will never hear her paws cross our floor again in this life. God loves you Phyllis, and so do we.

We just pulled sweet Phyllis from a local shelter. We’ll have the massive mass on her left front leg addressed as soon as possible. Please keep her in your thoughts.

1/10/18 Update:  I her initial exam we discovered she has a large growth on her elbow that will need to be removed. She also has corneal ulcers on both eyes and a double ear infection.

1/12/18 Update:  Vet update on 10-year-old foster girl Phyllis: Phyllis does not have bony involvement in this tumor. It’s soft tissue only, which is good. There’s some arthritis present. She has corneal ulcers on both eyes and ear infections. It also appears that she had babies within the last year. After the tumor is removed, hopefully she will get some relief.

2/6/18 Update:  Hey all you Bullie fans, Its me, Phyllis, a stunning newbie to Rescue.  I will be eternally grateful for LSBCR’s love and devotion to me and other Bullies. My name has several Greek origins but I choose “leaf” because I turned over a new one when I was rescued. My former family did not want me anymore. It breaks my heart to have been abandoned.  I am seven years old, at least I act that way according to my doctor. Consider this ageless question, “How old wood you be if you didn’t know how old you wuz?”  I am becoming more secure and less traumatized and the future is promising.  I visited the vet hospital for a wellness check where a tumor on my elbow was removed.  I am feeling much better with the stability and security in the hearts and home of my foster family.  Foster Mom especially loves on me all the time, from the car ride home to beside her on the sofa every night.

They have been loving on me and treating me special.  I eat bits of hand fed chopped meats.  I have my choice beds around this resort so I am settling in.  Another resident Bulldog named Gabby, a Rescue alumna, tells me that I will be safe and happy here until my furever family finds me.  Gabby is calm and friendly, which influences and guides me.  She says that our serene character and loving nature are our best attributes.  She will make certain that I am fully prepared for my adoptive family.

My doctor said that during my recuperation from surgery, I was to lie on soft surfaces.  All this safety, security, food, and love are helping me to trust and love again.  I am ready to be your Valentine.

2/12/18 Update:  Phyllis here, but you can call me Filly-Filly, a la the beer ad. Speaking of beer, I am anxious to star as the quintessential canine Contessa at the Cold Beer Company event next weekend. Any potential adoptive family will find me irresistible. I hope that no rowdy competition erupts over me. I will not even have to wear my LSBCR ball cap for anyone to recognize me.

Foster mom and dad have restored my spirit, which has reinvigorated my loving nature. My broken heart has healed. I am so happy these days that I wiggle my butt frequently. Sometimes, I prance and hop at meal times. I am in the market to be your valentine and ready to make my adoptive family happy. As Pink so eloquently sang, Just give me a reason…

My potty behavior is good, but please take me out to pee every two hours. My arthritis is mild so when I jump my fore paws onto the sofa at night, just boost me up so we can cuddle side by side – oh, yeah, more of that. You do not need to walk me. As a vintage lady, accompanying you from room to room is exercise for me. I am fine with other dogs. We seniors are OK with kids. Just make sure that they understand that I am not a frisky puppy. I will play with toys, but only until I get bored. Permanent doggie denizen Gabby tells me that Bulldog visitors do not last long at this resort. One family scooped up a foster dog after less than two weeks in November and the last two stayed less than one month in December and January. My foster family will ensure that the best match is made between my furever family and me. All it takes is you…

3/10/18 Update:  Life is going great these days. I enjoy safety and security, love, great food, and have not a care in the world – except that I long for my own adoptive family. Here are reasons to take me into your heart and home.

· I am a soulful senior, a gentle geriatric and loyal lover
· I am house trained but sometimes pee at night, but adult diapers help with that problem
· We vintage Bulldogs set the example for how others should behave, particularly the frisky fellas
· We exude a spirit of peace; check out this video of me sighting and snoring
· I sleep a lot so I love me some comfy beds
· I don’t chew the furniture, your clothes, or anything else for that matter, except my food
· I wait patiently by your feet to be available when you want to love on me
· I am a tad arthritic so you don’t have to walk me
· If you have seen the video of me dancing and prancing at mealtime, you know that I summon energy on demand
· My eased energy level has a calming effect

As a lady who has experienced some of the lesser values of humanity, I am more appreciative of all you do for me. I have gained back my weight and am at full health. My foster parents love me and have prepared me move on with my retirement years at my new home. So what are you waiting for? Send in your application and maybe you and I will be matched together!

3/22/18 Update:  Phrincess Phyllis here and a hearty hello to all my admirers, I am modeling my regal finery. Aren’t I the dog’s woof? Purple is the color of royalty so what do you think of my skirt, boa, and tiara? See how I hold my head up high? I am one phroud Phrincess. In my close up, you can see my pretty face.

No doubt someone is sure to fall in love with a Phrincess and want to adopt me. Be sure to submit your application and start the process to be matched to a dog. Maybe that will be me! I can waddle into your hearts and home in short notice. Foster mom says that I am the most unusual foster Bulldog that they’ve ever had. I am comical to watch and such fun to be around. I bring them joy because of my unique, original character. So in the words of the Supremes, “Come See about Me.”

4/3/18 Update:  Miss Phyllis here and so is spring, along with my allergies. I have a new spring in my step, as joint and inflammation meds have improved my gait and mood. My doctor also prescribed some incontinence med for me so my health is in good shape. I starred at the Bulldog event at Bar 2909 in Fort Worth. My foster mom, dad and skin sister promoted me to those in attendance. Two couples were new to the adoption process so skin sister championed the cause. I just basked in the adulation, but I digress…

Now, I sun bathe au naturel on the pebble deck beside the pool. When the sun shines too hot, I move to the covered patio, where I slurp down a refreshing ice water cocktail. Ah, the good life. Nonetheless, I am ready to grace my furever home with all my beguiling charms. I behave well, seek affection, do my business outside, do not chew or otherwise misbehave. I am so comical that foster mom says that I bring so much joy that she reminds us of I Love Lucy and her antics, minus the chocolates!

4/23/18 Update:  Well hello all y’all potential adoptive families Miss Phyllis, aka Filly-Filly, checking in with the latest news.  My joint meds have kicked in and my gait is more comfortable.  While vintage, I am lots of fun enjoying great days at this BnB.

Speaking of meds, some of us senior gals suffer from urinary incontinence, if you get my drip.  Good news here too!  Foster parents bought Proin tablets for me and I no longer need a diaper!  I do all my pee outside with my fur sisters and everyone is happy.  I no longer look for pee in all the wrong places.

Many potential adoptive families do not want us seniors.  I understand but here are some facts that might change your mind.

  • I am a perky and comical gal, especially around meal time;
  • I am well behaved and observe house rules;
  • I never chew on anything but my food;
  • I may be a tad stubborn (psst, all Bulldogs are stubborn, just some more so than others) but I respond to gentle prodding;
  • The highlight of my day, second only to mealtime, is to be boosted onto the sofa or love seat for evening love;
  • I do not hump people or animals and get along with other dogs;
  • My main job is to give and get love and I am good at both;
  • If all of these things appeal to you, I am your girl.

If you’ll be my Marshall Dillon, I’ll be your Miss Kitty, or a Ginger to your Fred, even a Cleopatra to your Mark Antony. I am a lover and can make us happy.  As a bonus, here I am as a guard dog in foster dad’s office.

Imagine me in your home making your lives more loving.

5/27/18 Update:  I have been taking some time off to enjoy my senior years. The leisure time refreshes my spirit and provides time for my other pursuits. I am not just lazing around. Instead, I have a stunning announcement to proclaim. I have been studying and now proudly declare that I have earned my MBA degree, Masters in Bulldog Affection. My foster parents believe that I was abused at some point because sometimes I cower when they reach down to love on me. I know that those days are in the past, never to return, but it is an engrained reaction. More love is the best antidote. I want to be loved in my furever home.

Despite my past, I am not just your run of the (puppy) mill vintage lady. I know how to be your ideal house pet and Bulldog BFF. In fact, soon after you adopt me, you’ll wonder why you did not act before. You’ll be singing “How Do I Live Without You.” And I will be one happy girl.

6/3/18 Update:  Hey everybody and every Bullie. Miss Fillie Fillie reporting for Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue adoption services.  Does this photo show that I get along with other dogs?  Miss Rosey Poesy, a newbie at this address and I are sharing her oversized crate.  I sometimes sneak into another crate during the day just to hang out.  I hang out a lot because it is difficult for me to get around comfortably.  All the better to cuddle with you.

Yes, I am a bit senior and mobility challenged.  Well, you could be in the same position someday, if you are lucky.  I am lucky to be in Rescue and would love to share my good fortune with my furever family.

Last week, I proclaimed to the Bullie World that I had earned my MBA, Masters in Bulldog Affection.  I was considering pursuing my PHD, PerPETually Happy Dog, but my foster family says that I have already earned it.  I don’t even need to take the orals.  Instead, I am taking the summer off.  It is too hot to study anyway.

Meanwhile, what are you waiting for?  I can be packed in two shakes of my tail, and I do not even have one!

6/24/18 Update:  Dear all of my fans. I know that you have missed me but I have been on vacation for a week and then unable to get to the computer.  Foster dad was busy working upon his return so he hogged the laptop and desktop keyboards, foster mom does not allow me on her work or personal laptop, and my plump paws do not fit on the tablet.  Ugh!

The resident canine queen here has a vacation home (well, what queen doesn’t?)  Foster dad packed all of us and our belongings into the Bulldog limousine and drove us to the ranch resort before he blew town. I do not have any photos of the resort because foster dad took the phone so you must take my woof for this.  We had our own private doggy suite and exercise yard.  It was way cool! I saw many large furry animals.  I heard a “moo moo here and a hee haw” there, everywhere sights new to me.

I am a reserved gentle lady so I do not run around exploring, unlike fur sister princess who shares these digs with me and the queen.

I almost forgot.  My peeps found a suitable conveyance for me.  They call it a carriage but I call it my chariot.  From now on, I will be towed around at events, as a fine lady of my refinement ought to be. I recognize that it will take a special family to adopt me.  My foster family says that they will accept nothing less, I am special, and can stay here forever.

7/25/18 Update:  Miss Phyllis, aka Filly-Filly at your service. I decided to take the summer off this year.  In my retirement years, so I know the value of relaxation.  I can’t remember what I did in my working years except to bear young Bullies, but as I heard in the Lion King video, “You got to put your behind in the past”. I told foster dad that I want a sign that says, “I vant to be alone”.  After all, I am Garbo beautiful. Foster dad says I am getting old and grouchy.  I am just following his lead.

I am taking the summer off.  Hey, I am retired and it is so danged hot outside that I demand the patio be wet down before I put these sweet paws on it. I attended Merlin’s birthday party and was quite the star.  I did not wear all my finery because I did not want to show up all the other girls. I did wear my boa but I left my tony tiara and toile tutu at home.  Let me tell you, I attracted some attention. I am a treasure of LSBCR.  My foster parents love me so much that they will only let me go to a family that appreciates me. Until then, I am waiting for you.

8/6/18 Update:  Miss Phyllis reporting, but you can call me Silly Filly because I have a comical side. So I hear that some potential adoptive families worry about my age and “limitations.” May I remind all y’all that such worries are in your future?

As I learned in Latin class, “Carpe diem.” For an example, everyone should Do the Hustle when the dinner bell rings. Actually, it is the microwave alarm, but I invoke artistic license. My foster parents assure me that there are families out there looking for me. Well, here I am. What are you waiting for? Submit your application and maybe you’ll be matched to me.

8/28/18 Update:  Good morning Bullie Nation, Miss Phyllis, aka Silly Fillie here. Life is good in retirement.  My foster folks have taken good care of me.  My body and spirit have been reinvigorated.  My arthritis is under control with pain and inflammation meds and my incontinence meds mean no more mistakes in the house. NONE!

I am not as energetic as my fur sisters here at this unlicensed senior resort village.  But at mealtime, I sprint from my bed in foster dad’s office to the bowls in the kitchen.  See that tongue out pose?  That is my message for “Put some food on it!  What do you think it is out for?”  My fur sisters get fruit snacks in the kitchen but foster peeps bring my snacks to me.  How cool is that?

I feel a nap coming on.  Don’t worry, you can still visit me.

10/30/18 Update:  It is I, Miss Phyllis, aka Silly Philly with the latest news. Fur sisters Gabby, Lulu Leann, and I trundled off on a magical mystery tour about a month ago when foster parents fled the country. They must have enrolled in the “witness infection program” because they both came back sick. But, I digress….

First, we pups stopped at Gabby’s (she claims to be the diva in residence everywhere, ugh!) vacation timeshare where the family rescued her three years ago. Finally, we ditched her! Lady Lulu and I continued onto a BBnB (Bullie Bed & Breakfast) in the next town. What an adventure awaited us! I have never seen so many Bullies under one roof as I did at that home, save for a few Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue events. That family treated me like a family member, tending to my security, loving and playing with me, and making me feel special. All you rescue folks make us Bulldogs feel special and we thank you. Many rescue folks refer to me as comical. This picture shows why. I may not have originated tongue out Tuesday, but I sure have perfected it. Note that one of my comfy beds is vacant, but I prefer the wooden floor, squeezed against the steel file cabinet. All good things gots to come to an end, so here I am back at my foster home. I settled in quickly and I am now officially back on the available adoption roster.

1/15/18 Update:  Silly Filly is at your service. Hello to all my fans in Bulldog Nation. Let me brag on my golden years. I am one happy and appreciative Bulldog. Check out this photo – do you see contentment? With Thanksgiving on the horizon, I have much for which to be thankful. I am secure, loved, nourished, and those are just my starting qualities. Foster parents say that this Bulldog resort can be my home forever, or at least until I can make another family happy. Not for nuttin’, but here are some reasons that people love me.

· I epitomize courteous canine comportment

· The outdoors is for my world “elimination” business

· I am not needy. I will come sucking around for love sometimes, but I do not need your undivided attention.

· Put a bed at my feet at night when you watch TV and I will “ooh and ahh” as you stroke me.

· A hungry dog is a healthy dog – it is dangerous to be between me and my food bowl when meals are served.

Send in your application and maybe you’ll be matched to me. I check my social media platforms often. TTFN

11/27/18 Update:  Hello to my friends, fans, and future. Isn’t this sunny and cool fall weather delightful? My foster folks say that I am always one happy Golden Girl. That is due to my natural disposition and cozy home environment. Let’s share these blessings. Why do you want to adopt me? I am thrilled that you asked. I am easier than the easy button – no demands!

See me glow with contentment when you bring my bed to your feet after dinner, watch TV, and love on me. During the day, I sniff your leg or lick your ankle so that we can cherish the reciprocal affectionate moments. Despite my relaxed nature, don’t dally between me and my bowls at mealtime because I am one foodie little Bulldog girl. A hungry pup is a healthy and happy pup and I am plenty healthy and happy. If you look up “no behavior problems” in your Biped-to-Quadruped dictionary, you see my picture. I do not need a crate – bring my bed beside yours at bedtime and I am one grateful pup to be secure in your bedroom. OK, on some nights, I snore. Foster dad calls that my mattress music. I never run off – why would I? All I want is to be by your side.

My foster peeps call me Silly Filly because I am comical. The herky-jerky nature of my gait is amusing, but my temperament is just so engaging. I dare you not to love me! I also have some magic qualities, such as having trained my foster dad to treat me special. He is such a softy. We fur sisters call him “Ol Softy.” Before or after mealtimes, and whenever he is in the kitchen, we congregate around him like groupies and beg for whatever he is preparing – appetizers, meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, whatever. Hey, we are dogs and he has food! He always gives in to our soulful appeals. My favorite nosh is the occasional Cheezit and peanut butter canapé. Not sayin’ I’m a diva, but a girl has to have her standards. Some days, I just loll on my bed, a la Cleopatra, and wait for him to bring the treats to me. Do I have him trained or what? I am the Golden Girl of your dreams. If you want a girl like me, what are you waiting for? Apply today and maybe we’ll be a match!

12/3/18 Update:

A very Merry Christmas to all from me, Silly Fillie. The holiday season is a wonderful time.  This year, I am so thankful for everything the LSBCR community has done for me and so many other Bullies.  You are our saviors, protectors, guardians, champions, and the reasons that we are exist and enjoy great lives.  Bulldog hugs and kisses from all of us.  We are eternally grateful.

Have you given thought to what you want this year?  How about a Hippopotamus for Christmas? If you prefer a Bulldog instead, I have good news.  There is no one better than me.  Here I am, already gift wrapped and ready for delivery to my fur-ever family.  Santa cannot bring me down the chimney but you can snuggle me in your arms and nestle me in your heart on our bonding ride home in your sleigh.

I am gentle and affectionate with other dogs and kids.  As a vintage lady, any problems in my past are all way behind me now.  Think of me as a retired and genteel grand dame who wants only to bring special moments to a loving home. What do I want for Christmas?  All I Want for Christmas is You.

1/15/19 Update:  I am living large in my retirement years – no more work days on my schedule. My appointments these days are for meals, outside business, chew toys and snacks, all interspersed by nap times on my many beds around this resort. I like snuggling up and exchanging affection, but I am not a high maintenance prima donna.

Last night, I jumped as high as I could to place fore paws on the sofa next to Foster Dad. He got the hint, hoisted me up, and loved on me until he fell asleep. Security, nutrition, care, and love are my few needs. I sleep next to Foster Dad’s bed and have the run (well, in my case, the walk) of the house. I am easy and will add love, charm, grace, good looks, and entertainment to your home.

I turn 11 next week. My Dogtor keeps me in good medical condition; my arthritis is managed, and I am one happy vintage Bulldog Lady. My foster peeps say that the end of January marks one full year at this Bulldog BnB. My philosophy is that time and age are unimportant. I have no idea what time and age are so they are unimportant. My nickname Silly Filly comes from my comical nature. Last year, I wore my New England Patriots jersey to watch the Super Bowl. Alas, my cutie Tom Brady was day dreaming of me in his arms and left his “A” game in Foxboro.

Fortunately, my favorite baseball team, the sainted Red Sox, eased the pain of the Pats’ loss. “Yo Tom, pay attention to business. I am still here. Do not disappoint me again. Call me and I can be yours!” I have sworn off command performances. The stage is dark when I do not want to perform. I keep my bags packed and I am ready to go. You may want to call on me before Tom Brady does!