It is with a broken heart I let you know that Sally crossed The Rainbow Bridge on Thursday . For 405 days that Sally was in rescue and lived with me each day she woke up was the Best Day of Her Life. Sally wanted for nothing and received more love in her life in rescue than she had ever known. Sally’s larger that life personality will be missed more than any words could describe.  I watched Sally age right before my eyes as she went from a gal that would break a door down to fight to a gal that barely got out of  her recliner to eat, and eating was one of Sally’s favorite things to do.    Run Free Sally, Run free.

Sally is 8 yrs. old and weighs approximately 85 lbs.  As with most seniors, Sally has a few age related health issues. She has arthritis and dry eye, both of which are managed with medication. Sally needs to be the only animal in her household

5/10/2015 Update:  Today Sally celebrates her first Mothers Day in the lap of luxury with her foster momma. Sally has been patiently waiting for her forever family for almost a year. While with her foster family Sally ahs found freedom, happiness, love, good food and great treats. All Sally needs now is a home where she can continue to just be herself: slow, lazy, predictable and full of love. Whatever the future holds for Sally, she is ready.

5/17/2015 Update: Sally is Sally and just loving her life. Sally wants for nothing and her every need is met except finding her family that will love her forever.  It’s almost Sally’s  1 year anniversary living with me. On that day we will celebrate.

6/7/2015 Update: Sally is struggling with the heat once her head moves out the door. Sally does not like heat and making her go outside now requires a leash,  Even though Sally is old and slow she can bolt to the door and rush back to her favorite chair like a race horse. She  still hopes for a retirement home of her very own will be found.

6/28/2015 Update: Moving really really slow and getting older right before my very eyes.  Sally has been really really good lately .  Sally’s days are filled with a lot of rest and her nights are filled with sleeping. Sally wants for nothing other than a place where she can live out her days just being Sally!

7/5/2015 Update: My sweet Sally is slowing down to almost a crawl these days. Sally’s  day’s are spent sleeping with only a occasional trip outside to look around.  Sally used to enjoy laying in the front yard,  now not so much.  This Senior Saint is such a great lady.