Please keep Sam’s furever parents in your thoughts, as they had to say goodbye to their sweet boy. His mom writes: Alumnus Superman Sam passed in his sleep on Aug 6th. We had 5 great years with our boy. He will be missed forever. Thank y’all for letting us be his forever family. He was really special. Our home is empty without him.

Sometimes, animal rescue can be difficult. There are a lot of dogs that need a lot of help, and it takes a lot of work for everyone involved – from the initial rescuers, to the foster parents, to the medical professionals, to the forever homes. But often times, someone like Sam comes around, and makes sense out of all the hard work.

Sam was found literally covered in fleas and ticks. Sam initially had nearly 300 ticks plucked off of his body, and he has happily traded them for a healthy 11-pound weight gain, now tipping the scales at a much healthier 46 pounds. Sam spent a week in ICU to replenish his blood.

And look at him now! Though he is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms, one look at one picture of Sam shows a newfound sparkle in his eye. Happy to greet his humans with a wagging tail, and happy to do just about anything else, Sam is gentle and loving. He likes being around other dogs, but is still a little uneasy about getting in to or riding in a car. But that’s okay! Sam is starting to learn some basic commands, and more importantly, learning about the good that life can offer.

If you want to take Sam for a walk, he does well on a leash. He is also crate trained and good with other dogs. Sam seems curious about cats, but definitely not aggressive, and he is untested around children – although his enthusiastic and energetic temperament might not be the best fit with little ones. Though he is prone to an occasional accident in the house, Sam is improving and does well overall in terms of being housebroken.

Sam’s foster mom writes that “Sam was barely alive when brought into rescue and is now getting stronger and discovering new things every day.” And that’s what rescuing is all about.