It is with great sadness that we announce that Sammy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But he did not do it alone.  He as in the arms of his loving foster mom at the time. He has fought many battles and many demons in his short life. He is now free to run and be the dog he was meant to be.

18 months old Sammy has come back into rescue. He is such a sweet boy who just had trouble adjusting to a new home. He is working with a great pet behaviorist to help sort everything out.

4/12/16 Update:   I just picked up this little lad from the clinic. He looks so dashing, sitting and gazing up into the camera. When we arrived home, he had a sprint round and round the garden and then he went inside to explore his new abode. Bursting with puppy-like energy, we went for a neighborhood walk straight away, and I was surprised at how calmly and affably he walked at my side, without any pulling. I’ve noted so far he’s been spooked by my oscillating fan and unexpected loud noises outside, but he quickly recovered his activity each time without incident. My initial impression is that he’s a little shy and maybe a bit timid. 

As I write, he’s recovering from his walk on the floor at my feet. I’ll have much more to say about little Samuel as we get to know one another better.


————————————————- Previous Adoption ——————————————————-

YAY!! Sammy has been adopted (2/1/16). We are so excited for him and his new furever family.

Samuel (Sam) joins Lone Star Bulldog Rescue as part of the Faithful 4.  Sam was front and center, chewing the crate bars and chewing the ears of his brothers. Samuel has joined his foster family so more details about this little guy will be coming soon/

6/21/2015 Update: Samuel has been doing great! He has been very calm so far but that may change as he gets used to new surroundings. He has had a busy week. He got his shots and made a trip to grandma’s house and met lots of people at Hollywood feed yesterday. He gets along great with other dogs and cats. He prefers a longer leash and is getting used to a harness. He loves to be a part of the group whether it’s people or other dogs. He will be right in the middle of the action.

6/28/2015 Update: Samuel had another week of new adventures.  He found the toy box and claimed them all as his own. He also likes to sleep on the elevated bed like my dogs. He likes to think he is big too and probably will be if he grows into his feet. Samuel is very sweet and laid back. He just wants to be close and included in whatever you are doing. He walks well on a leash, loves car rides and other dogs and cats. He is still learning potty training but is doing well. He also loves shoes and socks and tennis balls. He would be a great addition to any home.

7/5/2015 Update :Samuel continues to come out of his shell and explore everything around him. He discovered the toy box and one by one they were all hidden in the crate or in his bed. He went on a trip to Three dog bakery in Plano then on to grandma’s to continue the spoiling. He helped me with a home visit this week and has never met a stranger. He loves getting attention everyone. He has claimed one of the elevated dog beds as his own and sleeps there with all his toys. Samuel is doing better with his potty training but decided he didn’t like the leash this week. He would rather run free. He would make a great addition to any family.

7/12/2015 Update: Samuel has had an exciting week and learned about neutering. He is doing great afterwards like nothing happened.  He has gained 12 pounds and is testing his limits with the other dogs and cats in a playful way.  He loves to join in any activity.  He moved all the toys to his crate then decided to sleep in the toy box instead.  He loves shoes, socks and feet and will chew on all of them if you let him.  He is good with a leash and likes car rides and meeting new people. He will be adopted this week my a great family!

11/29/2015 Update: Sammy rejoined rescue this week after his adoptive family decided he was not a good fit for them. Samuel needs a family that is committed to him and has the patience to work with a bulldog “puppy”.  He will be a perfect addition to someone’s family.

1/3/16 Update:  This week has been a good week for me. I have been learning how to shake. It takes me a few times because I get the wiggles soooo bad when I get excited and I get really excited when it comes to food or treats.  I have played a lot with my foster bros. We wrestle in the backyard and one of my big foster bros lets me win most of the time. I like that because my other older foster brother doesn’t. He plays pretty fair!

I listen pretty well, but I do have that bully streak in me when I can be very stubborn and have selective hearing. 😉 Foster mum can just give me the “look” and I know I need to listen. It’s crazy how mums have that magic trick!

One thing we learned this week with my behaviour training is that I may need to be an only fur-kid in the house. I wasn’t very nice to one of my foster bros one night and didn’t have any reason to be mean to him. 🙁 I felt bad but thinking it may be the best thing for me, to be an only fur-kid. My foster mum and dad are going to do some more training with me so that they can 100% make sure that I need to be an only fur-kid or not. I am still looking for my new family and hopefully 2016 brings me a new family to grow with and will ensure that I have rules, structure and a strong pack leader family.

1/17/16 Update:  Happy Sunday to my future forever family (I know you are out there reading this) and pawsome Facebook Followers! I am a growing boy and as you can see from my pictures I am not missing any meals around here. 😉 One of my favorite things to do is eat and I eat fast! When it’s time to eat I am sometimes faster than my 95lb German Sheperd and 100lb mix breed foster bros! I am ALWAYS faster than my English Bulldog foster bro Garth Brooks! 😉 

I have been doing really well with my commands- sit, stay, down. I am learning on shaking right now. I think I will get the hang of it pretty soon as I am super smart my foster mum tells me. I do have my times where I can be a brat but most of all I need a furever family that will love me, want me, show me guidance, be patient with me, where I can be the only furry one and have a strong pack leader(s). Love Sammy!!!

1/24/16 Update:  Man Oh Man do I gotta tell yall what I did!!! So my foster parents packed us fur-kids up and we hit the road to go see family. I was the perfect car rider after my foster mum had to set down the long car ride rules. WOW, there were A LOT of rules!! ;P I was more behaved than anyone. 😀 I just slept the whole ride and enjoyed every minute of it. Once we got to the farm I had 12 acres to run around on but I like staying super close to my foster mum and pops, so I didn’t venture off too far. I did chase my foster bro Atlas, he’s crazy ;). I met a 6lb cat and she was one tough kitty, she even scared me from her kennel. I stayed far away from her. My foster bro Atlas who is over 100 Lbs was the most scared of her. Get this, her name is Sissy but I think Atlas was more of a Sissy than her (hahahhaha) ;). I had the time of my life!!!

Once we returned home I had to get ready for Parker’s pawty so that meant lots of resting up. This was my second event to attend with rescue (the first being at Mutts Cantina in Dallas). At Mutts I had lots of room to walk around but at Hollywood Feed in McKinney I didn’t do so well. We didn’t stay very long because every dog that I saw that wasn’t my foster bro Garth Brooks I growled, snapped and lunged at. I have learned that type of behavior is not tolerated at home with my foster bros and seeing all these new dogs that I had never seen or been around made me very insecure and defensive. I received many corrections from my foster mum who realized quickly that this event wasn’t for me. As we were packing our things up foster mum came to get me and there were these 2 really nice people that had been spending some time with me. They wanted to know more about me so my foster mum and all of us stepped outside and she gave them the 411 on me, even though they had seen me at my worst inside the store. This didn’t seem to scare them away. That made me like them A LOT!!!

I want to tell these 2 really nice people that I appreciate you both coming over, petting, loving and talking with my foster mum about me. You were the only 2 people that showed any interest in me and took the time to spend with me. I know that I have my quirks that not everyone can love. I understand that, which is why I have to have the perfect family that does understand my quirks and doesn’t have any other furry animals. I know that I cannot get my heart set on anything right now but you both were very nice and sweet to me. For that, I am thankful and grateful for you both. I hope I get to see you 2 again!!! 😀

– LOTS of LOVE Sammy <3

1/31/16 Update:

Dear forever family,

It’s me Sammy. You may not know it yet, but we are meant to be. I know this because a little birdie told me today as I was out soaking up the sun rays. I have dreamed about you for awhile now. You are the family that will provide structure, guidance, routine, strong pack leader and most importantly LOVE. I know that I do not have physical disabilities that make me a special needs Bulldog, but mentally I have my quirks that only my furever family could love. I know you are out there and one day we will meet and there will be no question about our bond. I will continue to say my prayers at night that this day comes soon.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my foster family dearly. I mean, I still cry when I can’t see my foster mum or dad and they walk away, but haven’t you always wanted to know that where you lay your head at night under that roof is the forever home you deserve? I thought I had that but circumstances were different when I was surrendered and I am okay with that because there are bigger and better things in store for me.

I am not one to dwell on the past, but I do want my story to be told. I am just a little boy that was taken away from my puppy mill momma who was bred by a back yard breeder. I was toted to flea markets all over, but not one person or family wanted me. I was then given to rescue as maybe, someone would want me, but that forever family was not forever and here we are today. I am almost 1 year old and have the most loving, caring Bulldog heart there is.

Love, Sammy