Please keep Sherlock’s family in your thoughts. He earned his angel wings yesterday, but will never be forgotten.  On April 8, I took Sherlock for his last veterinary appointment and was with him as he earned his angel wings. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur a year ago and was on medications to offset the effects of this condition; medications were no longer providing the quality of life he deserved.

I adopted Sherlock on February 7, 2016. I met Sherlock and his wonderful foster mom in January 2016 and spent 3 hours getting to know everything I could about Sherlock. He had an awesome foster mom who truly understood him. I was super excited and nervous at the same time about adopting him; I wanted to make sure I could be the best fur mommy that Sherlock needed so that he could continue to flourish into the Bulldog he was meant to be.

Adopting Sherlock was the best decision I could have ever made. He came into my life when I needed his spirit the most. We spent the first few months really working on bonding; I was very eager to gain his trust. We had a nightly routine for bedtime, which included me sitting next to his bed and just talking to him and petting him. This bonding time led to him trusting me more and more. I was ecstatic when he jumped on the couch and joined me for our 1st snuggle.

From that point on, he became my shadow; my boy. He had many “quirks” about him that showed his love and contentment in life (he loved to sit on the patio and soak up the sun), and his love for his fur momma (waiting at the front door for me to come home from work). I will miss Sherlock’s unconditional love and companionship very much. He has a special place in my heart and will cherish the 3 years of memories we had together.  Sincerely, Anna

2/7/16:  Sherlock has made it to his furever home! We are so excited for him and his new family!

Sherlock is a 5 yr. old male that weighs 57 lbs.

Sherlock joined Lone Star Bulldog rescue today. He is a very happy, loving guy that has never met a stranger. Sherlock came from a family that only wanted the best for him. Their one wish is that he find the perfect home. Sherlock’s dad had to take a new job that would require him to be out of town for large amounts of time, because of this he was not able to provide the attention that this lover boy required. Sherlock will make a quick stop at the clinic for a quick check up and then on to his new foster family. Stay tuned to learn more about this guy, BUT don’t blink because Sherlock will not be around long.

8/9/2015 Update:  Sherlock is 5 and I am still trying to figure this little guy out.  When I picked him up he immediately jumped in and was ready to go.  We went to my office for a couple of hours and he was great with everyone that walked in the door, and was good to lay by my desk and just watch everyone walking up and down the hall.    He is so sweet and he gets so excited to meet new people and his butt wiggles so fast I fear he might shake it off.

He is going to make some family a wonderful fur-ever friend.  He has not had an accident in hist crate or the house. He walks well on  a leash.  He like to play with a toy.  We were told he was 5, we have him with Titan who will be 2 in October and Xena who will be 2 in December, he gets along with them and their puppy attitude of no private space.  LOL Sherlock will not last long in foster, as he is an absolute love and is going to steal someone’s heart, quick. He is so starving for love and affection.

8/30/2015 Update:  I have to say that Sherman had the best day ever.  He was such a love and everyone that spent time with him really did like his handsome look and good manners.  He loved on everyone, gave kisses, played with the kids.  I don’t think he met a stranger. I believe with all my heart he is ready for his furever home.
Today we decided just in-case he might find his home that we should see how a bath would go.  We got out the little pool and the oatmeal shampoo and he got right in the pool and he smells so handsome.  This little guy so wants to be loved.  He has really bonded with me, he is like my shadow, can’t seem to shake him.  LOL   I have to say, whomever chooses this guy, needs to know that he Loves to go for rides and is going to want to go every time you pick up your keys.  He looks forward to his walk every night.  I think for him this is important.  He is an active bully, not one to just lay around and be lazzzzy.  So keep that in mind if you like to go for walks, he is your guy,
9/20/2015 Update:  Sherlock loves going for walks at night when it is cool. He also loves jerky treats, especially when he is on his best behavior. Sherlock does great with the other dogs in his foster home and is even good with the cats. Because Sherlock still has some fear from his past, he most likely wouldn’t do well in a home with kids or lots of visitors. He bonds well with one person and learns to trust that person through praise and affection. Sherlock is not a fan of his crate but  that is ok because he is completely trustworthy in the house. He does not chew nor potty inside. Sherlock is a special boy that will need a special person to love him and look past some of his quirks, but we promise you this guys is worth it.

1/3/16 Update:  Sherlock has had a good week. He finally is letting foster mom put his bullynose on him (which is a big deal because he hates his nose touched). Hopefully we can get the crusties  off of his nose by the end of the month. He also let Foster mom give him a bath without too much hassle-even though she was just as wet as he was! Sherlock beats to the rhythm of his own drum and doesn’t like to be told what to do. But that is ok because this handsome guy always has impeccable house manners. He gets along with his foster herd well but we think he would do best in a home with only female dogs or small dogs as both his male bulldog foster brothers are very submissive and he shows a lot of dominance over them.

Sherlock will need a home that understands that he has had a hard past and will work with him to be comfortable in his new home. Sherlock will need to be on anxiety medication the rest of his life but that is ok because it is inexpensive and he takes it without any fuss (we tell him it is his good boy treat and his butt gets wiggly). Because of his anxiety, Sherlock will need to be in a home where the youngest member is no less than 16 years old. Quick movements and loud noises scare him so it is best that he remains in a calm environment. We are sure the perfect home is out there for this beautiful bully and can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for him!

1/10/16 Update:  Sherlock is still the perfect houseguest. He has free roam of the house and never bothers a thing, unless he wants his blanky off the back of the couch to make his own cozy nest. He has discovered Bison Bones and thinks they are the bees knees! He took a trip to Petsmart this weekend where he received lots of attention from a few LSBCR fans that we met there. He also snuck in some much needed snuggle time with his foster siblings and foster momma Lindsay. The crusties on his nose are slowly starting to melt away as he continues to let us put his nose medicine on without too much fuss J Sherlock is just waiting patiently for his perfect forever family to find him.
1/17/16 Update: Handsome boy Sherlock had a great week relaxing with his foster mommies. He is still a perfect house guest and enjoys spending most of the day snoozing on the couch. He would make the perfect companion for a calm home. He enjoys going and visiting new places and people but when he is at home, he likes his peace and quiet. He is praying that his forever family will find him and love him as much as his foster family does! I mean come on… How can you resist that face?!
1/24/16 Update:  We have good news brewin’ for foster boy Sherlock! After 5 months in foster care, we think we have found a great fit for our special boy!! Anna and Sabrina drove all the way from Austin this past weekend and were drawn to sweet Sherlock. We spent almost 3 hours together talking about Sherlock, his likes and dislikes, and what kind of home would best suit his needs. Luckily, Anna and Sabrina fit the bill and his adoption is scheduled for February 5th! Because Sherlock can have some anxiety when thrown into a new environment too quickly, Anna and Sabrina have graciously opened their home to us that weekend so we can all spend some quality time together to make sure Sherlock and his new family are all settled in before we leave! Sherlock will be an only furchild and I know he will be loved dearly, quirks and all!