4/20/16 Update:  I write today to let everyone know that my Stewart passed away yesterday on the way to see Dr. W.. Stewart had been diagnosed with congested heart disease a few months back. He was on 5 different heart medications. He began to decline Sunday (17th) and by Monday afternoon I made an appointment with Dr. W. to bring him in. He could barely walk to the car. He passed before we could get to the clinic. I have been Stewart’s mon since Sept. 2015. He was an 82 pound loving boy! He was always my alarm clock every morning as he would bark to wake me up. I will miss him terribly but he is at peace now and not be ill any more. He has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I’m sure staling someone’s ball to play. I love you my Stewart and I will miss you!

Stewart joined rescue today though no fault of his own as an owner surrender. His family had a change in their work and home life causing more time alone for Stewart.  It was a very difficult and tearful surrender, but they knew it was best so that Stewart could have the life he deserves. Stewart will be going to the clinic for a check-up and then will be joining his foster family.

10/4/2015 Update:  At age 9 Stewart has joined the family and what a great guy Stewart is. Stewart is non confrontational and even a glance from one of the resident females at my house sends him running. Stewart knows my house is not his house. Stewart walks constantly, very restless, and is searching for something familiar.  Stewart will fit in in any home with any kind of dog. Stewart loves kids and loves walking on a leash. Even though Stewart is 9 he is in great shape for a active family. Stewart will be going to the event in Rockwall on Saturday unless he finds his family this week. Any family would be lucky to adopt him. Stewart is easy to love and easy to foster.

10/1/2015 Update:  Stewart is a 65lbs. LOVE BUG”.  Being a Senior has not slowed him down, he has more energy then I do.  He looks up at you with those big brown eyes and you just melt.

He is my “Gentle Giant”.  He has only been with me 2 days now, but he is the perfect gentleman. He came into our home ready to love everyone.  Lola and Sadie are not sure about his flirting as of yet, but they like him.  He is house trained and will not jump or lay on any furniture.  Every chair or couch I have tried to put him on he immediately jumps out of.  He is good with other dogs, cats and small children.  I just love him!!!! Being a single woman it’s nice to have man in the house for a change.  He would make anyone a wonderful furever baby.
11/9/2015 Update:  Stewart is back home with me.  His adoption didn’t work out, but he is loving being home.  He loves walking around the his big yard.  I don’t think there is a inch of this place that he hasn’t sniffed or peed on, but he has settled back in and is very happy to be back.  His separation anxiety is gone and his marking in the house has stopped.  He is a baby that always has to have time to settle in.  We play ball every day.  Our ball playing consists of me throwing the ball then Stewart carrying it around until he gets tired and drops it.  Then it starts all over.
11/15/2015 Update:  MR STEWART!  Stewart has decided he will be the man of the house this week. He is barking now.  After a month with me he has settled in and is going to be the protector of us girls.  He has also claimed his seat in the farm truck riding shotgun and at 65lbs. this guy can really fill up a seat.  He is my wingman, he takes every step I take. He loves to walk and explore. You would never know he was 9 yrs. old.