Please welcome our first rescue dog of 2016: Adele. She was picked up by local animal control, yet no one came looking for her at the shelter. After giving her a closer look, it’s apparent Adele has had her share of puppies and c-sections. One of the c-section scars comes up from her stomach on her side. That may mean there have been many c-sections in her past. Adele is tiny and seems very sweet, but she smells like something rotten right now. Adele has a injured eye ~ the cornea is all white ~ but we’ll take care of that. Thankfully, Adele is heartworm negative, and seems to be as sweet as they come. Hello, Ms. Adele!

1/24/16 Update:  I  had a great time on Saturday getting to enjoy meeting and seeing all the love that is behind this incredible breed and rescue!   Adele seemed quite happy to get out and party after her years of having babies and caring for them.  She was not afraid to jump in and introduce herself to everyone there, maybe a little too much!  I am thinking that I will need to get serious about working on some manners.

Adele lives with 2 fur brothers ( Ollie a Boxer and George a Yorkie) a foster sister, Boston Terrier Rosie and Zeke the cat.  She gets along beautifully with all of them but after watching her on Saturday, I think she needs some playtime with other bulldogs .  Her spirit is still in tack and after yesterday, I know she doesn’t spook from loud noises.  My son came over to do some trim work for me and the sounds of a chop saw, compressor and nail gun didn’t seem to phase her.  I think she could be a good dog to tag along on a construction site.  Gives a new meaning to “mechanical bull”!!!

Adele is crate trained and sleeps in it at night although  she would do perfect in my bed . Right now, the bed is a bit full and since she enjoys her crate, I am happy to have the “extra”  room for myself.  I say that she is also housebroken however I must say that she is not vocal about going outside.  She stands and stares at the door!  I need to watch for that cue.    After coming home from her spay, she had some poo problems and none of those happened in the house so that seems like a sure sign of being housebroken!

2/15/16 Update:  Adele had a great weekend!!  She got to show off her sparkly tutu , meet new bulldogs and some other dogs . She got playtime with cute puppy Fred,  smell delicious food, sing a little tune when the sirens passed by and then when enough was enough, she passed out on the “princess” seat.  I say that the bulldog event was a true success.  Adele now has a new bulldog foster sister, Matilda.  Adele is such a sweet, chill girl she has accepted this addition with a loving toothy smile!!