Alice has been adopted!  For 577 days, 830,880 minutes, Alice was in rescue and lived with me.

There was a time, early on, when Alice would jump up and run to the car. She often thought it was her big adoption day. But no. It was always another Bulldog who was getting adopted. After a while, Alice stopped jumping up and running to the door. I think she knew it was not her time yet. I would always tell her, “Alice, you deserve a palace and one day, it will be a dream come true for you.” And today at 10:17, Alice left for her palace and she never looked back. Today was a dream come true for Alice … because not one time did anyone ever ask to meet her. I always told Alice she was just too beautiful for the average Bulldog lover and she was satisfied with that.

Alice struggles with skin problems every time the weather changes. It’s a constant battle, but Alice’s new family, Frank and Laura, decided they were up for the challenge of Alice and her fur. When I checked in on Alice this afternoon, I learned she was having organic chicken meatballs added to her dog food for lunch. Plus, a trip to Sonic for dessert had already happened. So, yes, I’m really missing Alice. But these are tears of joy. Tears for a Bulldog who truly stole my heart. Oh, what a wonderful life Alice will have with her new family, Frank and Laura.

Alice in Wonderland found her dreamland. My name is Alice and I have found the land of my dreams! I have lived on the streets before and that is no fun. I have had severe skin rashes and yeast infections, and that is painful. But then I ended up with a wonderful rescue group who put me on Apoquel and some special food. The itching has stopped and my skin almost looks perfect. Now I have been transferred to a rescue who specializes in Bulldogs. I know they will find me the perfect forever home of my dreams. I am a tall girl, weighing 60 pounds, and I am three years old. I am a beautiful brindle and white color. I absolutely love being around people and I am learning to be nice to dogs who are nice to me.

I am at the vet so they can continue to help my skin heal. Then I will be ready for a foster home and to meet you. Are you the forever home of my dreams?

9/14/17 Update:  Afternoon to all my bulldog friends, it’s me Alice checking in after my Spa Habitat Vacation! And I do mean, vacation! Yes, that’s right, I checked myself into a bulldog spa and the results have been amazing. I have been, scrubbed, exfoliated, picked, poked and prodded. I have had dental work, eye work, lady parts work, a manicure and a pedicure!  This Alice has really been in Wonderland! Now, I am wondering what kind of family rescue has found for me.  You might remember I joined rescue in a really sad state. I had gotten lost and no one came to find me. My hair was missing in places, my eyes were a mess, and I smelled really really bad.  But underneath I was Alice,  a lady that had the softness fur, the biggest smile, and the cutest personality …..once upon a time……… along time ago……. when I was a baby…….when someone loved me so.  Well, now I want you to know I have found all the things I had lost while I was living on the street.  I have found love. I have had such great care, such great food, such nice people doting over me telling me how beautiful I am.  Now, I will still knock over a trash can when I see one, because that habit of looking for food their is still with me. but I am working on that.  And I am a large lady. I am not tiny, petite, or dainty. I am tall, thick, and if I eat much more ice cream I will be considered “full figured.”  I am stoic when I stand.  I have the stance of a boxer, and the  energy of a jack russell,  and if you did my DNA it would come back. Alice is …..  Darn Near Amazing!  So, this is me, Alice the beautiful bulldog. thank you so much for saving me !

9/17/17 Update:  Wow, is this gal big! Big and Strong!  Walking Alice is more like “who is walking who?”  This girl is for a family that loves challenges,  or likes to watch Caesar Milan with his training techniques .  Walk means run  run means fly,  and fly means Gooooood Bye Alice as she runs out of sight. Alice’s perfect family will live on acreage,  not a home on a zero lot.  Alice needs a lot of love too.  Even though she is rather a large Alice,  in her mind,  she is small.  She will try her best to crawl in your lap, lay down and be small. Alice did great at Hollywood Feed for the most part. She got aggravated at a puppy and acted out, but with full grown bulldogs she did great.

1/21/18 Update:  I’m getting ready for a big Valentine’s Day! I realize that I still have some spa treatments to get my skin in tip-top shape, but believe it or not, it’s a lot better than what it was. A couple weeks ago, “something blew in” and I have been a HOT MESS ever since. I have medicine for my skin, my eyes and for my ears. I have special shampoo, take 3 baths a week, and eat food that is special… just for me!

This morning, while everyone else was having breakfast, I was outside rubbing my face on the bark of a tree. If you don’t think Foster Mom can fly, just let me rub my face on a tree. All I could see was a cloud of dust coming toward me, flailing her arms, yelling, “No, no, no, Alice! It is picture day!” All I knew was I had a itch that needed to be scratched. So, here I am on picture day with a big spot on my face that bled, but I took pictures anyway. When you look at me, you might ask yourself, “Just what kind of Bulldog are you, Alice?” The kind of Bulldog that is is loving, loyal and a friend to everyone. I am tall, I love to walk, and I love to eat. I have great manners, and I want a family that is fur-free. Not because I like to fight, but because I want all the attention. I have my bed, my XXL crate and numerous toys packed. I can be ready to be adopted in a heart beat. All I need is my very own family to make my like perfect. And a palace. I could really go for a palace!

5/8/18 Update:  Another Tuesday finds me, Alice, at Mutt Puddle having a medicated bath.  I am a regular there. I get there at 8:30 and get picked up at 4.  Today was different, my foster mom hung around and took pictures so everyone could see me.  I stand, lay, roll, kick, every Tuesday while the shampoo is magically making my skin better. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Really, cause it looks pretty bad?”  But I am doing great! I have found a dog food that I will eat that does not make me itch.  I have tried lot’s of dog food, and I have turned my nose up at most of it. But not any more.  You can’t tell from the pic’s that my hair is growing back. slowly but surely. I joined rescue a long time ago, and so far no one has wanted to adopt me. I don’t really look like most of the bulldogs in rescue.  I am not short, wide, and I don’t snore. I am taller, leaner, and pretty darn fit.  I love to walk. I am looking for a walking family. I need a active family that will include me. I don’t need a family with other dogs because I love all the attention.  Please send in a application for me, Alice, the bulldog that loves people to pieces!

8/6/18 Update:  I’m checking in from the pool side. However, the size of the pool makes having any fun impossible. I am happy to report my skin is feeling a lot better these days. I know I have some healing to do, but I am on the right track I think. I am on Apoquel, fatty acids, grain-free this and limitation-diet that… Pretty soon, I think I will just be eating air. But, I feel fabulous! And I am ready for a fur-free forever family that wants a new best friend!

I am 100% potty trained, usually don’t get on furniture and basically everyone’s dream Bulldog! I am taller than the average Bulldog, which means when the weather cools off, I will be able to take long walks. I don’t chew on anything, not even toys that are mine usually. I really just watch TV, take medicated baths and wait for a family to find me!