Angus 2.0

Angus 2.0

The big day finally came for this wonderful family! They drove four hours, eager and so excited to make Angus a part of their lives and home. Angus gains two skin brothers, one fur brother and doting parents. Angus isn’t a small Bulldog, but next to his new fur brother, he looks like the size of a pug! Angus’ start in life wasn’t an easy one with a very long palate that made it difficult for him to breathe. That is all in his rearview mirror and the future holds playing, playing and snuggles. This sweet angel hit the jackpot with his forever family and will never want for anything. Happy tails, sweet boy… it was an honor to foster you.

Welcome Angus 2.0 to Rescue. He is three years old and has the most beautiful spots (ticking). This poor boy has really had a tough time. He most likely will need some major surgeries and his family who had owned him for two years simply cannot afford the surgery. So rather than have him suffer any longer, they turned to Rescue for help.

He has always been a heavy breather with palate issues. They never take him for walks except to go outside to take care of his business. Last week he aspirated some bath water and it sent him into respiratory distress. He spent the night in the ER. His family has made a few vet visits this week and the diagnosis is the same. He needs soft palate correction, and stenotic nares correction, and possibly more.

He is at the clinic for observation and treatment for an inflammation of his windpipe. When his breathing settles down a little more and he fully recovers from last weekend’s episode. We will see what all we need to do.

So welcome this sweet boy to Rescue and say a special prayer for his recovery.

10/25/17 Update:  Angus 2.0 has been living the good life this first week in his foster home. This little boy is such a charmer and a lover with the sweetest little face.  He is getting along great with his foster siblings and is catching on to this pottying outside thing.  His health is just awesome since he had pallet and nares surgery…breathes like a normal bulldog now.  From what the vet told me, he couldn’t even walk across  the room without complete exhaustion.  I’m sure he feels like the 3 1/2 yr old he was meant to be, running around the yard, rolling on his back in the yard with sheer happiness and innocence. We have been telling him about all the fun he is going to have at Bulloween and all the friends he will make that go to meet a wonderful bulldog named, Angus.

11/5/17 Update:  Angus 2.0 has had a great couple of weeks in foster care and had an awesome time at Bull-O-Ween. He met so many wonderful people and rescue supporters who gave him all the attention and love he could ever want. Angus gets along wonderfully with all his fosters sisters and brothers, especially Joe. Joe and Angus will play and wrestle until they both pass out from exhaustion. It is so much fun to watch. Sumo wrestling definitely comes to mind watching them. Angus is house trained, crate trained and just about perfect, except for his leash skills. He is very much a “puller’ and very strong. Because he has had palate surgery, he must ALWAYS be on a harness and not a neck collar. The family that adopts this amazing Bulldog will have a best friend for life.