Anna Nicole (now Gracie)

Anna Nicole (now Gracie)

Anna Nicole has been adopted and is now known as Gracie!  Gracie now has her very own mom, dad, a skin brother and sister, a fur brother and her very own nana! How lucky is she?

When Gracie and I pulled up to the house, she was so ready to see her new home to make her own. After some re-intros with the new fur brother, Gracie marched into the house like she owned the joint, found the couch and hopped on up. She is home, ladies and gentlemen! A beautiful bed and blankie, toys and a nice big water bowl were ready and waiting. Foster Dad and I couldn’t be happier for this little angel that wiggled her way into our hearts. Happy tails, baby girl… we will never forget you.

Everyone loves something free. FREE Slurpee! FREE gift with purchase! Buy one get one FREE! Everyone benefits from “free,” except Anna Nicole. Anna was given away for free on Facebook after she had had several litters, and Anna was glad to go. She could have ended up on someone’s couch. She could have been taken to the vet, been spayed, had her teeth cleaned and been given a bath. But, as luck would have it, Anna was bred again and had five more babies. To make matters worse, this family was mad when the vet said Anna had already been bred many times and shouldn’t be bred again.

So, once again, Anna was about to be back on Facebook being given away for free. Lisa, a rescue volunteer, heard the story of Anna and reached out to the family and they were happy to see her go. When Lisa picked up Anna, she was filthy, covered in fleas, had long nails and ears full of junk.

Anna had a spa day, a nail trim and a flea treatment. Anna got a new collar with a snap-on bow, a new leash and a new bed. And now Anna will get the life she should have always had. Never again will she be passed from person to person. Anna is the sweetest lady and will take every step you take. She’ll lift her paw to be petted when you stop petting her. Anna is “free” today … free, indeed.

3/10/19 Update:  Anna landed in our home just a couple of days ago and what a spunky and precious girl she is! Anna wants to play and run around full speed with the biggest smile on her face. She just had her spay and some eye work done, so keeping her calm and resting has been a full time job! Did I tell you how happy she is? She is just such a love bug that loves to give you kisses, get kisses and give you even more kisses. She is doing really well with her house training, having only a couple of accidents here and there. You can tell she really wants to please her people. When she gets off her rest period, we will definitely venture out on walks to see how she does on a leash. One thing is for sure, she will have that amazing smile on her face walking down the street.