Anna has been ADOPTED!!! (3/13/16) This precious girl has come so far in such a short time. We wish her a very bright and fun future.

Welcome poor Anna into Rescue. She is 2 years old and weighs only 44 pounds. Anna has obviously been attacked. She is missing part of one ear and the other one is lacerated, and she has puncture wounds all over her body. Unfortunately, she’s not chipped. and was picked up as a stray. She is very malnourished and will require lots of extra care before she is available for adoption.

We’ll keep you updated as best we can.

1/31/16 Update:  Anna has found her personality and has had just about enough of the hospital stuff. Anna will have surgery on Monday to mend the damage to her ear, be spayed, and then off to a foster home where she can show off her happy self.

2/4/16 Update:  Dr. W. released Anna Tuesday 02/2/2016 and myself and 3 of my bulldogs (Stewart, Lola and Miss Sadie Lou) went and brought her home with us. She is a joy to foster.  Even after what she’s been through she is happy, loving and sweet.  She is fine with my cats and my herd of Bullies.  She is a little aggressive at food time because of not having food for so long.  She is getting better each day with this because she is finding out that the food “Just Keeps A Coming”!    She walks on her leash like a pro.  She also is a talker.  She talks back to you when you talk to her.  She has energy and is doing very very well.

2/15/16 Update:  Anna gets stronger and more sociable every day. She has already gained 7 pounds and her skin and scars look so much better. Another sad point for her is that she has broken bones in one foot. The small bones cannot be repaired and will have to heal on their own. You can tell it hurts her to walk much. But she is such a trooper through it all. She attended the Valentine’s Day event Sunday and did well around the other dogs and people. She will make a wonderful companion.

2/21/16 Update:  Her true personality is coming through since she has put on 8lbs and is nearly healed for her brutal dog attack.  Still a small limp but getting better every day!  She is so playful and happy.  It seems she has forgotten her sad past.  She is definitely a 2 year old ( I’ve lost 2 pairs of shoes this week).  Mom had to go and buy chew toys and now everything is great.  She is very smart and learns her manners quickly.  We are finally house broken and we have stopped drinking from the toilet.  YEA! She is also my alarm clock.  She’s a tall girl so she puts her feet on the side of the bed and stares at me until I get moving.  She has taught my 4 yr bully how to play and that she is not the “princess” she thought she was.
She will be a great fur baby for a anyone but especially a family with kids.  She brings energy and fun to my home and I will miss that when she finds her furever family!
She has not had a kind start in life so her new family will have to kind, loving and FUN because that’s what my Anna is!!!!!!!!!