Augie hit the jackpot today. Augie’s new family is perfect! He now has Teri and Darrell, as his forever  mom and dad, a Bulldog sister, Penelope (also from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue), and a senior big brother named Chubbs. 

Augie had no hesitation to hop in the backseat with Chubbs for the ride to his new home. Penelope got the front seat first, so Augie had no choice. LOL It’s good for him to have a sister to keep him in line. 

We wish this beautiful family all the best. There were some tears today, but those were mostly tears of joy. It’s so great to know that Augie’s future will be filled with love and happiness.

“What do you mean they are not coming?” 

I was lost, and then found and taken to the shelter. My parents were contacted and they said they were not coming to get me. I was crushed! They were my life, but evidently I was not their’s!

But their loss is my gain. The nice man gave me a new name today to help me start a new life. I am Augie and I am four years old and weigh 52 pounds. No longer will I spend too much time outside and on concrete. Not longer will my health needs be neglected. The people at the shelter said they had never seen nails so long. So they gently held me and trimmed them all nice and pretty. They said I would be pampered like this the rest of my life.

I met Dr. Larsen today, but she said I could not sit in her lap yet because both ears were so nasty and infected and smelled awful. She said they would take care of that and do something called a neuter. They will check me out from head to toe and I will be good to go.

Do you like my spots? They are called “ticking.” Did you know there is a Facebook group for Bulldogs With Ticking? That makes me even more special! 

I can’t wait to find my forever family where I will mean as much to them as they mean to me.

12/21/21 Update:  Augie is a  52-pound cuddle bug and he loved his car ride to our foster B&B. He socialized well with the queen Frenchie of the house. Next week, he will have the big dog test and then children soon after. 

He enjoyed his spa treatment, which included a bath, blow dry and ear cleaning. He even asked for more brushing by pawing his foster mom and didn’t mind the vacuum to remove his loose hair.

Augie has perfect manners. He enjoys his man cave (crate), walks well on a leash and knows the purpose of the doggie door.

Augie is very gentle. He sits for his treats and he shares his toys. 

Augie does like to rough house around in the evening and burn off some energy before bed. He’a a bit of a bulldozer during this time. 

Augie needs eye lube a few times daily, but he takes it like a champ. Augie is looking for love and hopes he can be your cuddle buddy.

12/29/21 Update:  Augie continues to amaze us with his good manners and his sweet personality. We also learned Augie loves ice cubes! But the Roomba is still on the “iffy” list. 

1/3/22 Update:  Augie has settled in well and we don’t have any issues to report. He is a perfect boy. 

Augie is looking for a calm or semi-active home where he can be part of your daily routine. When left alone, you will find he settles well and enjoys a nap. He also likes to sit outside and feel the breeze against his face. 

Augie is a great companion. He loves to sit on your lap, if you allow him. He is a calm boy with exceptional manners. He’s always listening and wanting to please. 

Augie will do a happy dance at mealtime. He is not a beggar or a big snacker, but enjoys apples, pears and bananas as extra treats. And don’t forget the daily ice cube calorie-free treat every time you go to the fridge. Augie will be there!

Augie love to play with his foster sibling. He shares his toys well and walks away from conflict. 

This big boy is all about giving love, making you smile, manners, gentle play and hygiene. Yes, hygiene. Not that he needs any extra special  care, but if you call him in the shower, he will step right in. He loves to be lathered and pampered. 

1/13/22 Update:  I passed the stay-at-home-alone-with-freedom test! Foster Mom and Dad took a chance and were extremely pleased that I just held down the fort and didn’t have a party.