Look who has been adopted!  

What a day! I came from a foster home full dogs and now I have five, yes five, fur brothers and sisters. Two of them are bulldogs and the rest are just really tall. The boy bulldog is deaf so he doesn’t hear what my new sister and I say about him. You might recognize my new sister. She came from rescue too. Her name is Bailey, but you will know her as Krispy Kream. 

Two days ago foster pops took me to meet everyone at their home in the country. I felt right at home as soon as my feet hit the grass. I met everyone outside, one at a time. Then we went inside. There I found all these beds, and one special one. I later found out it was under my new mom’s desk. No wonder if felt so good. That’s where I will spend my days.

Thank everyone for helping me find my perfect forever home. Five brothers and sisters! Just think of the slumber parties and the pranks we can pull!

Does my face look familiar? It should. My name is Ava and I was adopted by the perfect family two years ago.

So then why am I back in rescue? My family could handle all the extra expenses of me. I’ve had some allergies, skin and tummy issues. But then mom got really sick. They were talking about her becoming disabled. Sometimes, she had to choose treatment for her problems or caring for me. 

I told my parents I loved them, but that there were plenty of people in rescue to take care of me. Mom needed to make herself and her treatment the first priority. 

I’m back at the vet clinic to see all my friends and get a checkup. I will be 6 years old next month, but I still have my petite girlish figure at only 40 pounds. I will look through the applications again to find my second perfect family… and I will never forget my family and the sacrifices Mom made for me.

Ava has been adopted! Our tiny dancer, Bourbon, formerly known as Ava, is off to start her happily FURever after in Houston 🎉

Her FURever parents drove up and spent the weekend in Dallas. They fell in love with Bourbon in record time. 💞 She didn’t even have to do her little happy dance. Bourbon gave Foster Ma and Pa a quick peck, 💋grabbed her adoption day gift 🎁 and walked out the door. 🚪 She is now the Queen of her Palace and will continue prancing around, living her best life. 👑

Happily FURever ever, beautiful! You took a little piece of our hearts with you.

Please welcome Ava to our rescue family! Ava is 35 lbs of perfection. Ava has no sad tales. She had a family that loved her, but Ava was ready to move on. Ava has a little cowgirl in her and all cowgirls really need is a home on the range, a cowgirl hat and a home to call her own.

Ava is heading to Dr. Larsen’s today to sit in some laps, have a few medical things taken care of and then she will be ready complete any home looking for a perfect cowgirl.

Ava loves to dress up, eat fine foods and take short walks. Ava is 4 years old and looking for love on Valentine’s Day!

3/17/19 Update:  Happy Sunday friends! Ava here checkin’ in…It sure is a beautiful day. I hope you’re able to soak up some rays. I’ve been in my foster home two weeks and let me tell you one thing I sure do know how to make everyone here laugh. Foster Pa calls me “tiny dancer” because I always do a little pitter-patter happy dance when I see food. I can’t help it, food makes me happpppy! Sometimes I pitter-patter so much I go around in circles. Foster Pa laughs and as he serves me my food he tells me “Enjoy Tiny Dancer!”

Foster Ma tells me I’m smart, beautiful, absolutely perfect and I’m going to make someone the best, best friend there is.

The resident bulldog here, Blëu, taught me how to use the potty bell on the back door. Blëu’s philosophy is ring the bell, go outside, do your business and then come in and get a treat. I also follow this philosophy very well, but I have developed another philosophy. I’m a firm believer in the motto “Work smarter, not harder!” So, when I feel like I deserve a treat, I go ring the bell and then spin around with a big ‘ole smile on my face while I patiently sit and wait. It only took a couple of times, but I have finally trained my foster pawrents on this.

Also, I love to baths, cuddle time and short walks. Ya know, there’s really not much I don’t love. If you love it, I love it! 

In honor of this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day, I’d like to share one of my favorite quotes: “A best friend is like a four leaf clover hard to find and lucky to have!”  Are you going to be the lucky one to have me as your best friend?

7/26/21 Update:  I’m reporting in from my foster home. I met some new dogs, and one of them is even as small as I am. I like it here, but I know it is only temporary. Foster Pop says the perfect family is out there looking for a little girl just like me. In the meantime, I will just keep doing my favorite thing—sitting in his lap!

7/27/21 Update:  In July 2020 Ava was diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia, a form of Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). PLE, as the name suggests, causes the protein to leak out of the intestines and not be absorbed into the body. This can cause anemia, weight loss, fluid in the belly, severe diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues. The condition can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and control.

In Ava’s case, it was diagnosed very early and quickly brought under control. If you observe her day-to-day, you would not notice she had a problem. She should get semi-annual labs to make sure her protein and albumin levels are normal—which they are currently. She is on a small daily dose of Prednisone (5mg), a B-12 supplement tablet, a probiotic, and Royal Canin Gastrointestinal kibble. She also takes Metronidazole for a few days if her stool gets too soft. Currently it looks good. She would probably do well on a homemade diet that is high in protein, low in fat, and bland. There is also a Facebook group devoted to this condition in dogs and they can provide a wealth of knowledge and support to any adopter.

This is the same condition that foster Lola Grace has, but her’s was much more severe and had gone undiagnosed and untreated for so long. Lola’s foster would also be an excellent resource.

Ava is just the happiest girl and it is obvious she feels great. She loves to sit for her treats and share them with her friends in her foster home.

8/9/21 Update:  I have been doing really well in my foster home. Foster pops says I am the most perfect Bulldog! My tummy issues are under control and I am not having any problems. 

I love laying outside in the sun and working on my tan. I enjoy walks in the cool of the early morning or late evening. I like being around the other dogs here. But most of all I just love being around my people. I am excellent at lap sitting and couch snuggling.