Please welcome 4-year-old Bandit to our rescue family. A family found him a few months ago drinking nasty swimming pool water and eating hay. In fact, he pooped hay for three days after he was saved. The family nursed him back to health and chose to surrender him so we could help give him the best future. Stay tuned for more details on him.

11/29/16 Update:  Unfortunately, Bandit is another Bulldog in our system who has suffered from abuse and neglect. Physically, this poor kid needed some groceries. When he was originally found, he had been thrown in a yard and was surviving on eating hay. Poor kid also has been through a few fights, as he has several permanent scars on his back where another dog had gotten a hold of him.

Emotionally, when Bandit arrived in my home, he still wasn’t sure if his meals were going to be a regular thing. It is gross to talk about, but it is an instinctive behavior in malnourished dogs to eat bugs and other gross things in the backyard. I had to follow each dog around the back yard with the scoop to make sure Bandit didn’t get the poo before I did. Bandit has finally gotten used to the idea that he will get three yummy meals a day, as well as all the treats he desires and no longer looks for other ways to fill his tummy.

His behavior also tells me that this guy was smacked around by someone. Sudden moves can make him go flat on his belly. He will learn that hands are for loving, not for smacking. I don’t know how anyone could ever hit this kid, as he has not done one bad thing since coming to my home two weeks ago. On the upside, Bandit is starting to come together beautifully! His skin doesn’t hang off him as much as it did when he first came into rescue. He’s getting lots of good yummy food and raw goat milk.

Bandit has not had one single accident in the house. He goes outside and handles his business right away and then is right back at the door demanding to come in. I believe he is afraid that he is going to be left outside permanently. He is fine if I am out in the yard with him, but will squirt through the door the minute it is opened. He gets along with everyone in the house. He just wants to be friends with people and other dogs. His foster sister Piglet got in trouble and was sent to her room. Bandit being the sweet guy he is went into her crate with her to console her. He is just a love. Bandit loves having a soft bed and blanky to rest on. I don’t think he has had these items before and just loves them. He is so thankful for them, he does not chew up his bed or shred his blankets. He loves having them to snuggle into.

What else do we know about Bandit? He is a BONE HOARDER! When the other dogs are out of their crates, he will sneak in and grab their chew bones and hide them in his crate. When all the bones are missing, I know exactly where to find them! Bandit has lots of energy and is still learning how to play. His foster sister Piglet has been doing all she can to get him to engage in some Bulldog games, but he is still a little bit insecure. He will chase her, but when the games get too crazy, he gets a little nervous and runs to the back door. He is not an alpha dog and will fit beautifully in a home with other dogs that will be nice to him. He is a super sweet kid that is house-trained and crate-trained and only chews on dog bones.

12/5/16 Update:  HEY, EVERYBULLIE! Looky at whut I can do! I am pretty darn smart! I also talk…. just so you know! I don’t understand why nobody has adopted me! Not only am I smart, I am one cutie patootie. Just look at me! Check out the cute spots on my ears. Foster ma says I am always smiling. Also, she laughs cuz my tongue don’t fit all the way in my mouf.  I like my crate. Foster ma will leave the door open and I will just lay in there on my comforter and chew my bones. I like a nice, big, soft, fluffy blanket. I promise I won’t chew on it or pee on it either.

Foster ma says I am such a cuddle bug! She sits on the floor and I wrap my paws around her and just hug her. Nobody every sat on the floor and loved on my before. She does it to make me feel secure. She hugs me back and kisses my face and lets me know I am and always will be loved.  I really like it here with my foster ma and my foster sister, Piglet. Mom calls Piglet and I the “Brindle Brats” ’cause she can’t get us to hold still for pictures! LOL! She got a lucky shot when we both sat to get a cookie. We like to play and bounce.  I have something called dry eye. It is in one of my eyes. I will always need tacrolimus drops in my eye, twice a day. But don’t you worry! One bottle lasts a long time and I am very good boy and let foster ma put the drops in my eye. Then she gives me a cookie! She will also just put some lubricating gel drops in my eye during the day and they feel nice. Once again, I don’t mind ’cause I know she is gonna give me that cookie for being a good boy! I am a bit rambunctious ’cause I was thrown in a back yard with no one giving me attention or training. But I am a VERY smart boy and learn fast. I don’t know why people hit me in the past. They just didn’t have the patience to get to know me and give me a chance to learn things.

So, if you want a cuddly fun and good looking brindle boy in your family… I am your guy! I love kids and all dogs! I just want to be everyone’s friend and just want to love and be loved. It’s that simple. P.S. I also love to get a bath. It feels so good ’cause I get a little itchy sometimes so foster ma gives me a bath every Sunday…. and I like it a lot!

1/8/17 Update:  Once again….the tears flowed. I am so happy for Bandit, but I miss him already. Bandit has been an absolute joy to foster. He has been the perfect house guest! Bandit is on his way to East Texas with his new mom and dad… and he hit the jackpot! You see, his new parents also have plenty of grandkids! Bandit is going to be so spoiled and loved, even more than he was here! He is going to have lots of people to love on him and his mom and dad are just as wonderful and sweet as he is.

CONGRATULATIONS, Phyllis and Scotty, on your new furbaby!