Baxter was ADOPTED!!! Baxter found his forever family and they are fantastic. Congrats to the entire family.

Baxter is a 9 yr. old male that weighs approximately 65lbs.

6/3/2015 Update: Baxter has joined the Lone Star Bulldog Rescue family. He was an owner surrender. He is currently at the clinic getting evaluated. He does appear to have a palate issue that will need to be addressed to help his breathing. More information to come as we learn more about Baxter and his personality.

6/21/2015 Update: Baxter is recovering from palette surgery and an ear infection, but it seems someone forgot to tell him he had a recent medical procedure.

He’s a gorgeous, short and stout 65lb 9 yr old. He fits right in with my crew & quickly claimed an orthopedic bed in with the Seniors. He also likes access to a kennel when he’s looking for some quiet time. He makes sure that the kennel door will not be closed be resting his head in the door way.

There is no reason that I can see that Baxter would ever need a kennel door shut. He is “The Perfect Bulldog” He gets along with all his foster siblings, including the barn cats. He lets you know when he needs to go potty and hasn’t even attempted to get on the furniture although he sees that the others are welcome to lounge on certain designated couches & chairs.

On the ride home from the clinic he didn’t appear to be particularly relaxed with the car ride as he stood the entire drive, but he did not seem to be car sick or frightened at all.

7/18/2015 Update: Baxter is settling in nicely with his foster sibs. He saw Dr W on Fri and is being treated for an eye an ear infection, but is on the road to complete recovery.

Everyone that meets Baxter falls in love with the little 60lbs of a senior saint.  At age 9, Baxter runs around like a 5 year old.

He loves everything and everyone, except when he is in pain from an eye or ear infection and then he gets a little cranky with his fur sibs.

And I forgot to mention that as you can tell from his pics he is a beautiful bulldog!!

Baxter is an impressive gentleman!’ Any home would be fortunate to add him!

8/22/2015 Update: Baxter is my buddy!!! I love, love, love the Seniors!!! It looks like we have his ear infection cleared up and probably his eye infection is due to “Dry Eye” condition, which means he will needs drops twice daily.

With the heat and due to a slight limp Baxter has lost weight. About 56lbs right now, but the limp is gone.

He’s a perfect house guest and loves everyone and gets along fine with the other dogs and cats. He’s quite passive unless he is challenged and then doesn’t allow himself to be beat up on.

I love this little short legged guy and probably the best “bulldog “look” I’ve ever had. He can jump on the lower furniture, but because he’s on the short side I taught him to use the steps in a matter of 3 try’s and he uses them like a pro to get on the couch he has claimed for himself.

If you are on the fence about adopting a Senior Saint then Baxter will be able to convince you that he’s a keeper. And the way this 9yr old gets around he’s bound to live for many years to come.