A few weeks back I met an absolutely wonderful family at Texas Distillery. They were there to see all the different pups and met Mr. Beans. They were there looking for a younger pup so after a few conversations I never thought anything about it. Then a few days later I got a text, this family decided to adopt a senior as well as a youngster when one is available. I cried so many happy tears for Mr. Beans. He always had a home with me but found everything he so deserved!

I did not get family pics at the time of adoption but they did send me this this evening!

Hello friends, it’s me, Mr. Beans joining rescue today! All my friends call me Beans and you can call me that too. I am 8 years old and I will be 9 on March 25th! I would have to say as far as health goes I am in great shape. I do like to take naps, and I do enjoy good food and treats too. My family dynamics changed and I found myself home alone a lot and I got really lonely. So I packed my beds, treats, food and my personal heater and headed to rescue to find a family who were home more and who would let me be a part of their lives. I am not a big fella so I will not take up much space. I really hope someone has room in their heart to want to adopt me, Mr. Beans. Just know I don’t chew on furniture, eat your shoes or jump up and take things off the table. I know some basic commands and I promise if you will give me a chance you will absolutely fall in love with me, a bulldog named Mr. Beans. 

3/25/19 Update:  I made it to my new foster home just in time to celebrate my 9th birthday! That is right ~ today is my birthday. Foster mom picked me up after work and took me to a swanky dog store called Wag Canine Emporium. I picked out a new harness and got a toy and treats. I picked banana split treats and man, were they good. Foster mom also got me a birthday cookie. It was too much for a little fella like me, so I shared it with the other fur pups.

4/12/19 Update:  I’ve been at Mays Manor a couple of weeks now and I love it. I get free range of the house because, well, let’s face it, I am perfect! I love to sleep in the human bed when it’s my turn, so I am great with sharing! I like everything about this place: food, treats, toys, comfy beds everywhere, and all the booty rubs a fella could want. OK, maybe not all the booty rubs I could ever want… I do have to share with others. There it is again: I don’t mind sharing! I could be OK with never leaving, but Foster Mom says there is someone special out there looking for me. Is that you? Don’t let my ripe ol’ age of 9 scare you. I am young at heart. Like the old saying goes, you are only as old as you feel.

As far as my health, I am fit as a fiddle! My crusty nose is about the only thing Foster Mom is working on at this time! I know it’s not very nice of me, but I do not like anyone to mess with my face or eyes so administering salve or drops is always a challenge for Foster Mom. Although I will let her clean my folds. That is it! For a Bulldog, I think that is pretty good. My only requirement is my joint supplements.

On another note…… Foster Mom says my only fault in her eyes are my potty habits! See, I can not be rushed and I need to go on my schedule, not Foster Mom’s schedule. We are currently working on a compromise! However, I have no issues as long as the doggy door is open.

7/14/19 Update:  Foster Mom loves me very much and I make her laugh all the time! She says I’m a character and my sleeping preferences are like no others pups she has had. I take that as a compliment.