Bella Claire

Bella Claire

Bella Claire was ADOPTED!!!!Bella Claire has found her forever home with a sweet couple who drove all the way from San Antonio. I’m sure she’ll enjoy her new life on the Riverwalk with all the attention from her new loving family. Bella Claire is an absolute angel. Congrats to the entire family and especially Bella Claire.

Bella Claire is a 3 yr. old female that weighs 37lbs.

Please welcome Bella Claire into rescue. At the age of 3 she has only known a lot of love and kindness her entire life. It was very hard for her family to allow this beautiful girl join rescue. Bella’s mother has grandkids she keeps and Bella Claire is not a fan of small kids. Bella gets nervous, jealous, sad and just plain miserable around small kids.  So a small kid free family will be in her future for sure. With her stunning beauty and svelte figure, it shouldn’t be long.

7/12/2015 Update: I have the smallest, cutest and best little lady !!  Bella Clair creeps around like a mouse, is zero trouble, and a perfect house guest.  Bella’s other mother said she did not like her grandkids that came over every day and she started to feel uneasy with the kids and Bella together. It was a traumatizing surrender for everyone involved.  Bella has only known love and excellent care!

8/2/2015 Update: Bella Clair continues to be the perfect house guest. She asks very nicely to go out to do her business and goes in her crate when asked the first time. She finally barked for the first time when my roommate startled her coming home in the back door so she’s quiet as a mouse! We got some new toys this week and playing fetch is her favorite time of the day!!