Bella Irene

Bella Irene

Sweet Bella Irene has been adopted! They are a sweet, quiet and very loving family that adores her. She has a beautiful home and yard. The best part for Bella is that she lives in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of trees, where they can take walks and visit with all the neighbors and their dogs. She is going to make lots of new friends.  Bella Irene was orignally sold on Craigsist, then rehomed and then surrendered to rescue, after the family that purchased her could not afford her medical cares. And she was the sweetest foster girl I have ever had the pleasure to love! She will be living the dream with her new mom and dad and will never want for anything. I will miss her very, very much she was my LOVE BUG, but this is why I foster. I am so very happy for her that I didn’t even cry (much) when I drove away because yesterday she started the life she always deserved! I will always love you, Bella Irene! ENJOY!

Please welcome Bella Irene, age 3, to our rescue family. A great family originally saved Bella from a previous life of living in a crate 24/7. Bella comes to us with 8 pages of medical records and a CD with scans of her body. She seems to have a problem with her back legs. We’re not sure if she’s dragging herself because she can’t walk or if she has severe hip dysplasia. We’re looking forward to hear what the vet has to say and are keeping our fingers crossed for this beautiful girl. We’ll keep you posted.

6/1/16 Update:  Vet update on foster girl Bella Irene: Bella Irene will need entropion for both eyes. She has an ingrown tail and a staph infection. Her hips are good, but both of her knees are blown. She will need to go to the surgery center to have both ACLs repaired. Ugh….

6/13/16 Update:   Bella Irene is 4 Yrs old and was purchased on Craig’s list by a couple who wanted a bulldog.  They did not realize that she was in such bad shape until they picked her up.  The care she needed was more then they could afford, so they reached out to us to help her.  She had an infected tail and eyes, both back legs need TPL  surgery. She has completed her tail and eye surgery and is doing great!!!!!  The TPL surgery will have to wait until she is fully recovered from her previous surgeries.  The specialist will repair one leg at a time so we have a long recovery period and she will not be up for adoption for months. She is my LOVE BUG!!!!  She is like a big baby puppy even though she is 4 Yrs old. She likes playing with her toys but she enjoys playing with me more.  She puts her feet up in my lap and then wants to crawl up in my lap.  She has the sweetest face and the softest fur.  She goes right in her crate to sleep, but she is just as comfortable in a chair or on my couch. LOL  I know as a foster I’m not suppose to encourage this behavior, but she needs a little TLC since she came to us in such bad shape.  She is good with everyone and everything. Fur or no fur.  She IS afraid of thunder, she would come up and want me to hug her during last nights storm, but when I moved her crate next to my chair and covered it a little with a blanket she calmed right down. She is also house broken, not one accident since she arrived.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her.  She is all about the LOVE!!!!!!  She is going to be recovering for such along time I want her forever family to be sweet, loving and SURE she will fit into their family after all she will have been through I would hate to see her come back into rescue. Even though I would take her back in a minute. She’s that special!!!!!!

6/20/16 Update:  I LOVE THIS GIRL! She is the sweetest baby girl in the house. Bella is 3 years old and she weighs about 45 to 50 lbs, but thinks she’s a lap dog. Her stitches have been removed from her eyes and tail. She had her first bath this morning since her surgeries. Now on to her leg surgeries. She has all the manners of a Southern lady. Every night, she puts herself to bed in her crate at around 9. She loves to sun herself on the back patio. The only thing I have seen her get upset about is my new member of the family foster boy Kirby wanting to show her THE LOVE. She’s not the least bit interested in his type of LOVE and certainly lets him know to move on. She gets along with everyone. Who ever adopts Bella Irene is one lucky person! They will love her instantly. She is a very special girl and will have gone through a lot by the time she is ready to be adopted, so please make sure your family and the pets in your home are ready to welcome her and be her furever family.

6/27/16 Update:  Miss Bella Irene’s personality is coming out.  She has decided this week that barking at me gets things done.  She barks for attention, food, to go outside and sometimes just to hear herself bark.  She doesn’t bark all the time and not for long.  She just gives you that one big bark to get you moving.  She is still the easiest Bully Girl I have ever fostered.  She loves to walk outside I have to make her come in.  Bella is a girl that gets along with all dogs, cats and people.  I live alone and the other day had a repair man at the house and Belle Irene was the first one  of 5 Bullies over demanding his attention.  I’m sure he was covered in Bully Slobber when he got to his truck.   A perfect stranger, she didn’t care.  I need to teach her about “Stranger Danger”.  I say it every week I Love This Girl!!!!!!!

7/3/16 Update:  Hi! BELLA IRENE reporting in for another week of my exciting adventures. This has been a great week for me. I have finally gotten to relax. Because Kirby was neutered this week, he has stopped bothering me about being his girlfriend. I’m done with the girlfriend business. I’m an independent girl who likes to stay on the move. Foster mom says that my knee surgery is coming up and I will need 12 weeks of crate time. That’s not my style, but I will have to abide by that so I can get ready for my furever family. That way I can walk, play and run with them when they’re ready for me. Mom showed me the swimming pool this week, but it’s not for me. It reminds me of the bathtub… only in jumbo size. I am very good in the bath, but this was too much.

My best fur friend is foster girl Gurley. We drink out of the same bowl and sleep on the same bed. Sometimes she lets me lay my head on her while I sleep, but my favorite place is walking around the yard with Mom. She tells me I’m her SWEET PEA because I’m so sweet. I never fuss or fight. I do not have accidents in the house and I always mind my manners. She says I am beautiful and someday I’m going to make my new family very happy. But my new family has to be special and love me always because I’m a special girl too. When we live with our foster parents and foster brothers and sisters, you become a family because they love, care and protect us. But we are always waiting for our own families, for our own homes, with special love to finish our fantastic new journeys.

Bella needs her beauty sleep, so talk with you next week.