Belle Grace

Belle Grace

Yesterday, our Miss Belle had a meet-and-greet and it went amazing. There was love at first sight from both sides. So much so that Belle’s new parents didn’t want to wait until the weekend. They wanted to welcome their new baby the very next day. Today, Belle packed up her belongings and had a case of uncontrollable butt wiggles when her new mom and dad came back for her. Belle will be so loved and spoiled, just as she deserves, with her perfect new family.

My name is Belle Grace and I am two years….SQUIRREL!!!!!!!……Where did it go??  I’m sorry, sometimes I get distracted. After all, I am only two years old. They say that is part of my problem. 

My family recently went through some changes and I was just too much for my mom to handle with everything else. I love to run and play—nonstop. My favorite game is to play keep-away when you are trying to get me to come back inside from going potty. I don’t understand why you are in such a hurry!  I still like to chew on lots of fun things (maybe not always things I am supposed to chew on). I am in perfect health, but will need to be spayed.

I believe life is precious, so enjoy every moment of it! So I like to have fun! But here is what I am looking for in a new family. I need someone active who loves to play. Other dogs are OK as long as they like to play.  But the family also needs to have the time and patience to teach me some self-control and how an older puppy is supposed to behave.

Do you think we would be a good match?

7/1/19 Update:  I am still young and have lots of energy. I love to run and play. I love playing with my foster sister, but she gets worn out much quicker than I do. My foster parents told me I am a good girl and am super smart. I leaned to use the doggy door after watching my foster sister use it just a few times.  Sometimes, I hide when foster mom wants me to go in my kennel because I think it’s fun. She will normally bribe me to go in with a treat. Then I go in like a good girl and don’t complain. Anyway, got to go and play now.