Belle was ADOPTED!!! Belle found her forever family and hit the jackpot. Congrats to the entire family.

Belle joined rescue as an owner surrender. She joined her new foster family and will be looking for a new forever home. Stay tuned for more details.

9/20/2015 Update: Oh sweet big Belle – the cutest 8 year old senior lady EVER! She smiles when you talk to her and tell her that she is sooo pretty J This bully was obviously loved and pampered with lots of toys and bones because they are her obsession and her comfort. She nurses/sucks on her stuffed bulldog baby while she dozes off to sleep at night and she will not go out to potty in the morning without a toy or a bone in tow. Going outside empty handed is NOT an option.

She has the cutest whole body wiggle when she gets excited and her little wobbly knees don’t stop her happy!!!! Her eye drops for her dry eye are not fun but she is a good girl and patient with the process……. Minus some heavy squinting… this is just hysterical – that squishy face just gets squishier J

She gets along fine with all things fur ….. even the rabbits and the cat…. Her toys are her only vice. And she will get a little nasty if any fur comes near her toy or bone. All is well if the toys are only offered in solitude and she is good with that arrangement. People can mess with her toys and bones all day with no problem…. Repeat ….No fur allowed around the toys J

AND BEST OF ALL… she is the most perfect house guest. NEVER one potty accident and never touches anything off limits. Doesn’t even get on the furniture at all!!

I joke with everyone that I love her so much but if someone perfect wanted to adopt her….. we would consider them J (like maybe Jesus or the pope or the Dalai Lama???)

Look at this perfect girl!!! She is just delightful!! Always just happy and smiling…. And looking for a toy. She is also looking for her forever home but as always…. Her standards are high J Those new furrever people must have lots of toys and kisses and hopefully a furry friend like her foster sister, Chanel ,that could care less about a toy …. Sharing is not her forte’ but she doesn’t mind a friend!! Her house manners are impeccable and she has NEVER had an accident. She would even do well in an apartment or home without much yard….she is a princess and prefers the indoors…. Outside is just for taking care of business…. Then she is ready to come back in the house.

Anybody own a doggie toy store??? You might be her person J