Bevo has found his new furever family! From his foster family: We are so happy to announce our sweet foster Bevo has been adopted! He will be living the good life in Austin with his new mom, dad, and fur sister, Emory. Bevo was such a wonderful foster to have, and we are so happy to know he will be treated like a king in his furever home.

I am a Butterball…I mean a Bulldog. Well in my case I am both! I am 6 years old and only weigh 46 pounds. But I am just a tad short, so I am about as wide as I am long. I have one really dry eye and I can barely see with it. The nice doctor put a bunch of liquid in it today and washed it out and that made it feel better. He also put a gel and some drops in my eye and says I will get them twice a day. He said with some time, I may regain more of my sight in my bad eye. I don’t see better yet, but it does feel better. I also get to go back and see those nice people next week for something called cherry eye surgery. Not sure what that is, but it is supposed to help my eye feel even better.

My old mom and dad gave me to these rescue people because they were getting a divorce and going their separate ways. For some reason neither one seemed to want to take me with my bad eye. So I am chilling, waiting for my eye to get better and dreaming of a special family to take me home to live with them the rest of my life. I promise to be a good boy, to make you laugh with some of my antics. Just don’t expect me to go on a diet!

2/7/17 Update:  Bevo has such a great personality and gets along well with our other three Bulldogs. He is quickly recovering from cherry eye surgery, and is overall pretty healthy. It was originally thought he may be blind in the eye that just had surgery, and he does seem to have limited vision in that eye, but we are hoping that will improve as he recovers. That eye has “dry eye,” which requires prescription eye drops a couple times a day for the rest of his life. He’s not the biggest fan of the eye drops, but he is a trooper and allows us to do it because he knows they help make him more comfortable.

Bevo is such a happy Bulldog with lots of energy. He likes to play whenever he has a chance, and really enjoys a good game of tennis ball. It should be noted he does play rough, so it would be best if his forever family did not have any small children. His face is so adorable, and his body reminds us of a 1960s VW bus. He hasn’t had any accidents inside the house, and at this point, I’m confident in saying he is fully house trained. This little guy is just fantastic. Stay tuned for further updates.