Bianca, or simply “B” as she is affectionately known, is one beautiful, benevolent, 18 month old bullie! “Bbecame a member of LSBCR after being picked up at the shelter, but she’s letting bygones be bygones and she is quickly becoming accustomed to the good life that a loving adoptive family will bestow upon her.

This white and beige butterball packs a 40-pound frame and has so much love to give – especially in the form of under bite kisses! She loves to cuddle, she gets along great with other dogs, and can be described as a personal greeter – her foster mom says when her humans return after having been out and about, she bursts and bounces with bliss.

We are pleased to report that “B” has no medical issues (rare for a bully!), although she can be a bit skittish. She can be easily frightened or sometimes sensitive to negative tones and loud noises (Boo!), but her foster mom says that with patience, her bravery bounces back. She’s even started to explore other rooms in her foster home, most recently venturing into the bathroom for the first time!

Speaking of bathrooms, she is potty-trained and leash trained, but is still getting used to her crate; she’ll go in to hers, but it requires some bribery. Bones? Balls? She loves them all! When it comes to older kids, “B” does beautifully, but her behavior around younger kids and cats has yet to be tested. “B” is currently living with two foster fur sisters – a Border Collie and another Bulldog – and her foster mom reports that she gets along brilliantly with both of them. The Border Collie tries to get “B” to wrestle, but she’s more content snoozing on the couch.

According to “B’s” foster mom: “B needs a person/family that is patient with her. She gets her feelings hurt pretty easily so discipline needs to have a positive tone with praise when she has done the right thing. They need to be prepared for lots of cuddle time and naps, too!” Did someone say naps? BZzzzzzzBhzzzzzzzz…

Wake up! If you believe that Bianca is the best bulldog for you, bust out your keyboard and send an application our way!

Bianca is spayed, current on all vaccinations and will be on heartworm preventative. Her adoption fee is $.