***Blackjack HAS a home… ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Update from Blackjack’s foster momma: Blackjack is a holy terror that couldn’t be more fun! He is fearless, playful, snuggly and does not let his hip dysplasia get in the way of anything.

He is hilarious when he eats, as he frantically eats as fast as he can. I hold him while I put the other 3 bowls down, as I am sure he would dive into any bowl he could. Then I put him and his bowl down on the other side of the room and the world stands still for him. Only the food exists!

He has great stamina when it comes to screaming from his kennel at night. He prefers sleeping cuddled up in my neck! I will be strong, as I know he needs to sleep in his kennel! He has just started heading there on his own though, so he is starting to like and accept his kennel.

We are working on teaching him to NOT bite! Those little shark teeth hurt! And they work fast! I returned from Canada with a bag of beautiful, unique (and expensive) linen yarn. Blackjack really liked it too. So far, I have spent 4 hours untangling a ball of it, and estimate I have another 2 hours left. There is a reason God made puppies cute!

Both of our fosters LOVED their stockings! Lovey just wanted to run each toy away, and Blackjack was obsessed with tearing into the treats. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the presents!