Blanche Devereaux

Blanche Devereaux

Hey all you LSBCR volunteers and Bulldog fans, I am proud to announce that my furever family has embraced me and all of us could not be happier. A couple who formerly had a Bulldog and have two young skin sisters chose to adopt me and I am so excited. Check out the expressions on our faces.  

Thanks to everyone LSBCR for saving my life, providing superb nutrition and medical care, that many of us puppy mill rejects lack, caring for me in ways that restore safety, security, and stability to my life.  I am one of the lucky many of us Rescue pups who have experienced this is the first time.  We so love you and we will be furever grateful. I am one happy Bullie because of everyone’s love and noble spirits.  Thank you.

Away I rode off, with a piece of your hear; As my adoptive family gave me a new start; But I heard you exclaim, with a tear in your eye; Fare thee well dear Bullie, but never goodbye.

Goooood morning all you  bulldog people.  It’s me, Blanche Devereaux joining rescue today.  As you can see, I have just finished my  morning work out, followed by a 2 mile jog, that ended up with trip to the spa for a much needed manicure.  Lord, being from the south I am high maintenance indeed.  I am 4 years old,  even though a lady never tells her age.  But as good as I look,  I am ok with you knowing! My Mama was in tears when I left the country, but I felt like I was born to do big things and the city life seemed more a fit for me.  One thing on my “to do list” is a little “nip tuck” here and there when I get to town. And Dr. Oz says in order for me to have that “beach body” the sooner the better for my nip/tuck because bathing suit weather is just around the corner! I have all the charm of a southern belle, all the sass of a beauty queen, and the determination to make it to the bright lights of Hollywood.  I was born to be a star and do amazing things and ain’t nothing going stop me now.  So, follow my journey thru rescue, watch me become a model. If you’re from the South you know I will soon be drinking sweet tea with a family that is prepared to wait on me hand and foot.

4/8/18 Update:  I just checked into my new temporary R&R resort.  The two sibling Bullies here, a resident queen and a visiting princess, welcomed me with butt sniffs.  They immediately promoted me from new kid to visiting princess status so I am a happy pup.

Recognizing the beautiful belle that I am, my foster parents scheduled a visit for me to the spa tomorrow morning.  My dignity, to say little of my ego, demands nothing less.  Look at me now.  Just imagine how stunning I will look tomorrow!

The food here is sumptuous. I have bounced around as a pool table combo bank shot so the peace, security, and nutrition of this place comfort me. We Bullies crave that in a home. My foster parents compete for my attention.  A southern lady never shows her preference.  I am earning my keep, no lady of leisure am I. On the other paw, I help foster mom with her chores. They both feed me so I am blessed.

These foster parents are fawning all over me. I want their attention just as the other Bullies here. They believe that my stay at this BnB will not be long. I will be scooped up by my fur-ever family in short order. This foster family loves me and I love them.  Imagine me as the star of your family.  I have plenty more love to share with you.

4/19/18 Update:  I am a tad late reporting, but a beautiful Southern Belle such as “moi” raises anticipation by delaying my entrance. Foster mom erects barricades in the morning when she leaves for work and takes them down after dinner so that we can all share the love. Ah, dinner and love works for me. The transition adjustment is past now and so is my previous life. I am safely nestled in the loving arms of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I am secure, safe, well nourished, loved and loving. Thanks to everyone in rescue, I am ready to bring these qualities to my new adoptive home.

I can hear you asking, “Why should I adopt Miss Blanche Devereaux?” I do not have a sales background so let me answer from my heart.
· I am a well behaved proper Southern lady with no bad habits, no chewing, humping, or aggression.
· OK, I have had some pee problems, but foster parents are working with me on this and I am much better.
· I love to play, unlike my lollygagging lounge ladies of leisure fur-sisters who share this resort with me.
· My beauty is exemplary of the breed to say little of my modesty. (;>))
· Giving and receiving love is my heart’s desire.

You can make that loneliness go away by adopting me or one of my friends! The resident queen here, although barely a year older than I, is a lazy-bones. When she moved in 2 ½ years ago, she took early retirement. I choose to spend the rest of my healthy days entertaining my new adoptive family with more energy. I can pack and go in moments. This foster home has been wonderful and I thank these foster folks. They have prepared me for my fur-ever home and I want to spread the love. Where are you, adoptive family?

4/24/18 Update:  Miss Blanche Devereaux here. I have had a busy week. The weather was great for Bullies so I soaked in the experience. I even got to help foster mom with the gardening. I gave her advice on the flowers I most like to sit on or fertilize. This outside stuff is fun, but I take breaks so I can play with foster dad and our toys.

Mom and I have become BFFs. She feeds me in my private dining nook while foster dad attends to the other pups. I sit on her foot to demonstrate my devotion and protection. She thinks I am hers but we all know it is the other way around. A little later, foster dad brushed me a lot with three different combs and brushes. Ah, that felt good. He said there was so much fur that he should have used scissors.

On Sunday, another wonderful Rescue mom picked me up and off we went to 3 Stacks in Frisco.  I was the belle of that ball but whom would anyone expect anything less of a lass named Blanche Devereaux? This is a wonderful resort and I am happy to have vacationed here. This foster family has prepared me for a life of happiness with my new adoptive family. Is that your family?

4/29/18 Update:  Miss Blanche Devereaux reporting early this week, And what a beautiful weather week it has been!  We Bullies understand that hanging outside comes but for a short time in the spring and fall. I enjoyed every minute in the back yard. I love to sunbathe with a homie on the pebble deck by the pool.  Are we a pair of beauties or what?

On the downside, former bad conduct has reemerged.  Yes, I am peeing inappropriately.  I saw an email from foster dad seeking help from other LSBCR folks with this problem.  My foster family said that I am a sweet, well-behaved, gentle, and obedient Bullie (ALL TRUE, EVEN IF UNDERSTATED) so they want to cure me of this behavior.

They received tips and a helpful pamphlet on house training.  So now, they take me out to pee on the leash.  When I go, they immediately give me a treat.  When I don’t, I go into the crate for a 15 minutes time out, then outside again.  It is helpful to see my homies pee outside.  Dutifully, I smell the evidence, and emulate their performance.  Yea me!

Alas, I must leave now for mid-afternoon noshes.  Today’s menu features surf and turf.  A few chews of beef and bites of lobster works for me. Life is good.  Only an adoptive family can make it better.  This is my invitation to adoptive families.  So what exactly are you waiting for?

BlancheD Bone Video

5/8/18 Update:  BIG EXCITING NEWS FOR ALL Y’ALL (viz, I am a southern lady). I hear foster parents talking about an adoptive family that wants me.  Well, who doesn’t?

School will be out soon and the kids need a Bullie with which to play and love.  One prospective adoptive family has two elementary school kids.  By the time school begins again, they will be so deeply in love with me that they will wonder why they waited so long. I have been so busy this week that I have had little time to pose for glamour photos. If you have seen one pic of me, you know that I am so cute that my looks compensate for my double dose of the stubborn gene.  I have thought about charging for photos with me, but, I digress…

My foster family says I am an ideal Bullie, loving, playful, cooperative (sometimes), and house trained.  OK, I am still working on that last detail but I have been much better since foster parents have focused on re-training me.  I love lying in your lap and stroking me.  Then we can pay fetch with squeaky toy.  If that is not enough, I am a stunning beauty who Oohs-and-Ahhs everyone I meet. This BnB has been a wonderful and restorative beginning of my new life.  I am ready to move in with my new family.  Say your prayers that my interview goes well and I will be back with adoption news later this week. I love all y’all LSBCR volunteers who make our very lives possible.  What is more, LSBCR restores our spirit, renews our human/canine bond, and reinvigorates our belief in love and family. Stay tuned.