2/5/16 Update:  Blossom, now Lady Penelope, has joined her forever family. Lady Penelope and her fur brother, Sir Winston, are already good friends. Her new parents are in love with her. We are so excited for them all! Happy tails, Penelope!

Please welcome 18-month-old Blossom to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family! Please stay tuned for more details about this owner surrender.

1/10/16 Update:  Blossom has some bite wounds around her neck that are healing and she is on an antibiotic. She is headed to the vet tomorrow for a check up. Expect to fall in love with Blossom , she is beautiful!  Blossom will make some family a prefect addition .

1/11/16 Update:  Blossom had a complete check up at the vet today and she is in great shape and ready for her foster family and her furever home!

1/17/16 Update:  Miss Blossom had her first night in foster last night and so far I can say she is the PERFECT bulldog.  She is quiet, she gets along with all her foster sisters, she comes when you call her, she sits and shakes, was good in her bath this mooring, is potty trained, is not an escape artist, she is super chill, she does not bark excessively.  She is perfect.  When she got here she did not want to go into her crate. Once she was in, she was fine. Now she knows a cookie awaits her so she goes right in.  She is very gently. Shows no aggression with food, toys, or attention. She does like the attention and seems to still be figuring out what she is supposed to do when she is loved on.  She has shown healthy play behavior with her foster fur sisters. They play and rumble in the yard. She gets excited outside and will break into a sprint (bulldog style) around the yard.  At the moment, we have invited her on our bed to see how she reacts. She is sleeping like an angel.  This perfect girl will make a great companion for any family.  Follow Miss Blossom’s story as she finds her forever home. If you think she is a fit for you, apply to adopt this beauty and sweetheart.  

1/24/16 Update:  Blossom continues to be a perfect girl. She is so calm and quiet most of the time. When she goes outside with foster sisters, she runs and jumps and plays. She really loves being by her humans and sisters.  When there is a loud noise or someone moves too quickly near her, she will run or move to another area. She is still getting used to being in a safe place.

When she wants attention she puts her paw up as if to say “hey you, look at me”. It is quite adorable.  She shows absolutely no aggression.  She has been kid tested and did great. We think Blossom would be happy with a family of two legged and four legged siblings or as an only child. She is doing great in her crate other than annihilating her bed.  It looked like it snowed in there!!! She would probably be fine being out of her crate during the day, but we are having floors replaced and that is not an option for any of our fur babies right now.  She slept with us last week and was a sweet snuggler. She had what I believe to be (after consulting my pawesome rescue friends) a night terror.  In the middle of the night, she started panting and crying. It was hard to wake her up, but once she was awake she was fine.  This has not happened since.

If you want a perfect angel that will be a great companion for you and/or you family, fill out an application for this precious, young baby.