Boomer has been adopted!! So excited for him as he begins a new phase in his life!


Boomer is a 7 yr. old male that weighs approximately  70 lbs. He LOVES everything and everybody. He is just the perfect combination of sweetness and love.

6/7/2015 Update: Boomer is now losing weight and looking good! He is just a sweet dog, but has been a lot rowdier lately. He loves to play on the bed each morning-he lays on his back and squirms around growling and trying to bit the comforter while we rub his tummy and give him kisses. He is just loud and silly. He has also gotten in on the welcome home silliness and love to make noise and try to be petted the most. He is such a cutie pie! He wants to play and run and jump so badly, but cannot. His legs will not take it and we just won’t let him. Bless him. For now, he is content to eat his less than generous portions of food, take lots of napes and roam the backyard.  Boomer continues to wait for his perfect family while he enjoys being spoiled and loved in ours.

6/21/2015 Update: Boomer is such a great dog and such a good boy that it’s hard to believe that I have had him since last Thanksgiving!  But, he only has to get up and walk around to remind me that he will require a family that is willing to love him in spite of his disability and help him manage the pain it causes him.  Both Boomer’s back legs have torn ACL’s and one of his kneecaps slips from side to side occasionally, making every time he gets up a breath-holding moment to see if he will be ok or not.  This last month of rain has not helped and he is limping more than usual.   Surgery is not a valid option at this time in his life, as neither leg is really strong enough to support surgery and recuperation on the other.  Bless this sweet guy’s heart!   Rescue is looking into alternative methods to help alleviate his pain and we are excited to see if he can be helped in this way. He also doesn’t see well and has dry eye that is treated twice daily.   Boomer is a momma’s boy and wants nothing more than to be loved, which he is, very much so!   He cracks us up by being possessive with his Nylabones  allowing no other furrys to get near them.  He is highly motivated by food and is still enduring his diet in order to get even more weight off of his poor legs.  If it would ever stop raining, we could get his life jacket on and start some pool therapy to help build strength in his legs……..but dang, I am not sure monsoon season is over yet!  But when it is………..we will be ready!  We will do whatever we can to help him walk easier and with less pain.  Sweet Boomer, we love you!

6/28/2015 Update: Boomer is doing well and learning to tolerate his new foster siblings (Olivia and Newton). He likes to growl and be jealous, but he still wags his tail. He is having a good week and walking well this week. He is excited to be going to a pain management specialist today to see if we can find a particular therapy to help him live life with less pain in his legs. Boomer is such a sweet, good boy and our goal is to help him in any way we can. In the meantime, he is out smelling the flowers and enjoying the morning sunshine.

7/18/2015 Update:I love this boy so much.  He is such a tremendous dog and it is such a shame that he cannot run and do the things he wants to do.  His legs remain the same and he get supplements and meds for them.  He limps occasionally when he overdoes it, and we give him some tramadol and let him rest.  You can tell that he just wants to chase a ball and run and be free.  Unfortunately, he has to settle for dancing in a circle in the den with foster mom.  I have two cute videos of him…….but I think I did them vertically not horizontally……… I will attach just so you guys can watch!  Boomer is a momma’s boy and on occasion I even wake up to his head on my pillow with me!  Yes, he sleeps with me, Brian and Harley the pug!  He is a horrible bed hog, but we love him and it makes him happy!  Least we can do!   Boomer loves all people, tolerates cats and likes dogs after he gets to know them.  He may growl to “protect” his bones, but he does not like to fight.   He is sweet and gentle and such a likeable boy.  He is also Teddy’s best friend and they can be found hanging together frequently.  Boomer is my protector and his bark will scare off most anyone who does not know him.  He is very proud of himself to be able to provide this service!  J.

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