Bruno Joe

Bruno Joe

Yesterday was bittersweet for us… The love of our lives, for the past three months, went to his forever home.
We met this family last week and they all fell in love with him. I can’t blame them!
Fast forward to this week and I got to bring him to them. It brought tears to the kids’ eyes when they heard they were getting him.
Bruno has found the perfect home and he will have all the love he needs… and more. Enjoy your forever, Bruno Joe. We love you so!


Bruno Joe reporting in to rescue.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I had a family  but there were a lot of things going on that were out of my control so after some discussion I told my mom and dad I should probably head out to Lone Star Bulldog Rescue.  They were sad but we all agreed it was for the best and here I am.  Next thing I knew this nice man came and picked me up and away we went into the wild blue yonder.  He told me I was a handsome boy and was loving on me and giving me all kinds of attention.  I’m not shy and love people.

I am a 7 year old strong boy and I weigh 46 pounds right now.  I have some eye issues that this nice lady called Doc Larsen said they would be working to fix.  She told me I was a bit on the skinny side and needed to put on a little weight.  I can’t wait since that means I get to eat and will hopefully get snacks.  I love snacks.  She also told me they would check me out to make sure I was in good shape for my forever family.

Did I tell you I was strong, very strong and may need a little work on my leash manners.

Once I get my physical I’ll post some more to let you know how I am doing.  In the meantime, fill out your application so I can start looking thru them to find my forever family.

2/11/21 Update:  I am finally in a place with more people than dogs… now I can get ALL of the attention I deserve.

I am very skinny so Foster Mom says she looks forward to putting some meat on my bones. Wait… just put the meat in my mouth, please!
I have an adorable underbite and I love to be pet. Still getting settled so more to come soon.
Bruno has three beds on the floor (plus two couches), but has decided he prefers the smallest dog bed. It’s also the fluffiest, so I can’t blame him.
He looks so cute, all curled up in there and, once he gets his snore on, I know he is feeling safe!
2/16/21 Update:  I enjoyed a warm Valentine’s Day with my foster momma and foster sister. Foster Mom says I have been doing so well here. I am great on the leash and walk like a champ. I am sweet and love when she pets me and I know not to bother her if she cannot… I just go lie down for a bit until I can bug her again.
I am hoping that my Valentine’s Day wish comes true. I asked for a forever family who is looking for a sweet, chill dog, like me, who just wants love.
2-24-21 Update:  Hi everyone…it’s me, Bruno and it has been a crazy week.


Sunday I got to be the perfect Valentine but then all of this white stuff came down and made me very cold. By Monday there was no heart to keep me warm even though FM tried to cover me during the night.

Tuesday was so cold that we got to go to a friend’s house where I got to play with Murphy, another 4 legged boy. He did not like me because I wanted to get love from his Mom too so he would growl but we learned to play fine and I even had a backyard to run in…jumping through that snow was the BEST fun once I got used to it and, when we came in, if we cooperated with the paw wipe, we got treats…my favorite.

FM was happy to know that I can play well with others and that I am full of energy still – especially if you have a yard for me.

Maybe it’s too late for me to be your Valentine but maybe I can be your leprechaun?

I know FM loves me but I know she wants me to be happy…that might be with you?

3/2/21 Update:  Hi fans. Bruno Joe reporting in from my favorite spot…in FM’s bed waiting to plop myself against her. I love to cuddle and hope you do too as I am looking for a forever family that loves being as close to me as I am to them. FM also tells me what a good boy I am when we go for walks as I do my business and do not lollygag


Look in to my eyes and at my squished face and see if you can resist my charms…I know FM cannot so please tell me you want to make me yours forever.

3/15/21 Update: I’m checking in on my last night in my vacation home. The proprietors at this VRBO have already rated me 5 out of 5 as a guest!

That’s right… they say I am stellar! I was a perfect house guest. I did my business outside, I walked like a champ and I got along with creatures great and small. I am happy all the time and follow you around, just waiting for pats and love.
I know my name! And I wiggle like a worm when you say my name …. which I heard the proprietors say melted their hearts. I will sit when I am asked as well. I especially like curling up next to you on the couch. Here are some pictures from my vacation so you can see what a good boy I am!
3/22/21 Update:  Bruno had such a great time at Campisi’s yesterday. He met lots of people who loved him, I’m sure as he told me that he knows someone there fell in love with him and will not be able to resist his charms (he is a bit egotistical)


He was willing to sit and plop down for anyone willing to pet him despite being focused on finding people to feed him or drop food.

Today he is still so tired that he is curled up next to my work areas, snoring away.

3/30/21 Update:

Top 10 Reasons to NOT adopt Bruno


10) His FM and Foster Sis love him too much

9)   He is too selfish and wants to sit in your seat all the time and take selfies(See attached)

8)   He has too many wrinkles and you would have to pet them and smoosh them daily

7)   His eyes are magic and mesmerize us in to petting him and giving him treats

6)  He is too well-behaved on walks which means too many strangers can come up to pet him and he will just let them

5)  He is lazy and only wants to do whatever you want to do…lie in the sun, read a book in bed, get food

4)  He is too willing to befriend other dogs…just wants to play and be loved

3)  He is too comfortable in his environment…willing to plop down next to me, sparing me a little space in the bed for sleeping

2)  He is too unaware of his age…I mean he’s 7 but still acts like a pup…come on!!!!

And the #1 reason you should NOT adopt Bruno…

1)      He is TOO perfect all around and would only make you happy 365 days a year, spoiling you for any other dogs you may want.

4/5/21 Update:  Does this “toy” make me look “pail,” she asked. Not funny, Foster Mom, but, because you gave me an empty pail (missing my Easter toys and candy), I still plan to play with it.

Then, you try to put some Easter decoration on my head? Not having any of that, for sure. But nice try.
I’m just ready to find my forever family who will take me away from all this silliness… please!
4/20/21 Update:  I love when Foster Mom works from home, but she thinks I have a problem with personal space. Never. She has no personal space! I need to be in the bed right next to her or under the desk with my head in her lap. I’m the best co worker ever!

4/26/21 Update:  I have been staying in something called a hotel with Foster Mom while the house gets fixed. I do not like the tile floors and I am very afraid of elevators. Not sure if it is the noise, the movement, the slippery floor or what, but Foster Mom had to drag me in there and hold me. This week, we are on the ground floor and I am so very grateful because I love all the new smells outside.

I am such a good boy – no accidents and I truly am so well- behaved – on and off leash. Foster Mom cannot believe that no one has snatched me up yet. She says I am perfect and, let’s be honest, no photo does justice to just how adorably gorgeous I am.
Foster Mom does have a problem with the fact that I cannot just lie next to her…. I have to lie ON her and squeeze her with my body. She calls me her “Mommagram.” Don’t care what that means… just care that I am right next to her.
Are you ready for your very own Mommagram? What are you waiting for? Please get those applications in so I can say Happy Mother’s (or Father’s Day), in my own special way.

5/4/21 Update:  Does this pose make my butt look big, asked Bruno?

He was so excited to go to the Paw-ty at BoomerJack’s and he sat like a good boy until it was time to go.
Bruno is still exhausted, but was so excited to meet so many friends…four-legged and two-legged. He has truly never met a foot he does not like to sit on or a body part he would not like to lean in to…. especially while being pet or scratched.
He did so well at the event and looks forward to the next one. Oh – he’s letting me write this as he is still so worn out from all the fun. Until next time, get those applications in to get a butt like this in your home!