Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

I wanted you to be the first to know that I have a new life, a new job and a new family.

I have been working at Bright Star Veterinary Clinic. First, I was the official greeter, then I moved to the examination room, and then surgery. Surgery is my calling. I’m a surgery assistant now. 

I decided if I was working at the vet clinic everyday, I would ask Dr. Larsen to adopt me. And the rest is history!  

I am now Bruno Mars Larsen. I have a new work brother, Spud. We get along great. Some even say we look like twins. I am the cuter of the two though. 

Well, rescue, I LOVE my new life, my new family and all my friends I have met along the way. Hope to see everyone soon at the vet clinic. My work schedule is 9-5. I break for snacks and lunch, so when you head on over, bring food.

Hello Everyone! Bruno Mars here and I am one cool dude. 

I found myself needing to change residences after there was a misunderstanding at the food bowl. In my mind, the food is mine, all mine. As you can see from my photos it takes a lot of nutrition to keep this figure looking this great! Things got a little out of hand and there was a scuffle with a small dog and my owner got really scared. No, no I did not hurt the little dog, just tried to scare him away from my kibble. After all we had been best friends and lived together all our lives.  Looking back I wish I would have just let him have it—the kibble, but it was a morning that I was doing some emotional eating and I was just extra hungry. Long story short, my family was afraid it might happen again.

I have already seen Dr. Larsen and sat in her lap. She was so nice and she understood emotional eating. But she did tell me it was ok to walk away sometime and share the food.  Best news is, she did not find one thing medically wrong with me. She said I looked perfect and I had really taken great care of myself. She said if I dropped 10 lbs. I might feel better and I could run faster. I gave that some thought, for a minute, then I thought “round” is a shape and I am fine with round.  

I am 5 years old, love kids, other dogs and food. I love food!

4/26/22 Update:  Dr. Larsen is having a weekend slumber party with foster boy Bruno Mars! She writes: Bruno Mars is a excellent house guest…. house trained, gets along with others and I haven’t seen any signs of food aggression. 

He had mild KCS and a history of allergies, so he’s on eye meds and Apoquel. He will need to lose weight and stay on joint formula to help him be more nimble, but he is wonderful overall.