Buddy Holly (Buddy)

Buddy Holly (Buddy)

Buddy has been ADOPTED!!!!!  Buddy Holly got a new gig…. Buddy will be strumming his guitar with the Wonderful Moore family. He gets to fulfill his dream of hanging out with little kids and another bulldog, the beautiful Ellie Mae. We wish them love and happiness together.

Buddy Holly (Buddy) is a 6 yr. old male that weighs 75lbs.

Buddy Holly (Buddy) joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today as an owner surrender. He will be making a quick stop at the clinic to get a check-up and hopefully a clean bill of health. From there, it is on to his foster home. Stay tuned for more details about this big bundle of bulldog.

8/22/2015 Update:Buddy Holly is a hunk of burning love. Buddy is a giant teddy bear that prances when he walks. He craves attention. He will follow you from room to room in case you want to hand out scratches or need a lick at any given moment. He is still adjusting to his new surroundings, but so far he gets along with the other dogs and little people in the house. We have found he loves to play with balls. He is a little protective of his toys with the other dogs, but he doesn’t mind little hands grabbing the ball. He is battling ear infections, a skin infection and hookworm at the moment. We can’t wait to see more of his personality come out as he gets down his road to recovery.

8/30/2015 Update: Buddy likes nothing more than a squeaky football and a cold piece of tile to take a nap. He is easy like Sunday morning, this guy. He will give you a gentle paw tap when he feels you are in a good position for some back scratching. We caught him a few times cozying up to Sophia Marie. He is a cutie!

9/6/2015 Update: Buddy Holly is a quirky one. He mainly keeps to himself in a different room unless another dog is going outside. He likes to follow each one out to see what is going on. He has free roam of the house, but he prefers to hang out in the bedroom. He does venture out to chew on a toy or a bone or take a nap on the cool tile. He also takes his meals away from the other dogs. He is not food aggressive, but he gets scared if people or dogs walk up behind him while eating. He will tuck nub and run off. He is still timid, but I think we will see his personality shine as he gets more adjusted. The big guy does love to sunbathe early in the morning. He is just a big lovable guy that loves a good ear scratch.

9/13/2015 Update: Buddy seems to love everyone he comes in contact. He will sit and let you pet him all day long, and he will pay you back in sweet looks and drool. He is a cutie. Buddy needs regular baths to keep him from getting itchy. He has found that losing a few pounds has allowed for him to join the other dogs on the couch. Buddy is still a ‘big boy’, so he moves at his own slow pace. He does have a few smelly accidents in the house if he doesn’t get his business out of the way a couple of times in the morning. Buddy is now taking all his meals with the other dogs in the kitchen.  He looks for opportunities to snuggle up with fellow foster Sophia Marie any chance he gets. He had a great time with all the scratches at Hollywood Feed on Sunday. He is worn out!

9/20/2015 Update: This boy is one good looking dog. He might be big, but there is nothing fierce about this teddy bear. He enjoys hanging out with me in my office all day while I work. He is the kind of dog that you don’t have to worry about him jumping all over your guests when they come for a visit. He wants nothing more than you to scratch his head. He gets along with both male and female dogs. He likes to get right next to them when they are sleeping. He is an all-around sweetheart.

9/26/015 Update:  Buddy is a friend to all big and small. He is great with kids and male and female dogs. Buddy is the social chair of the house. If any other dog is going outside, so is he. If any dog is staying outside to sunbathe, so is he. He enjoys playing with his foster brother and lounging with his foster sister. He hasn’t been cat tested, but he pays no mind to the backyard squirrels. Buddy has lost some much needed weight and is down to 65 pounds! He is loving his new body that allows him to keep up with the other dogs. He doesn’t take any medicines other than a heartworm preventative, but will need regular baths to keep from getting itchy. He is a happy lovebug!

10/4/2015 Update: Buddy had a great week. He went to his first baseball game. He enjoyed the cool weather and was a perfect date. He really enjoyed the game once he realized they were throwing a ball.

10/11/2015 Update: Buddy is looking for love in all the right places. The Littles are easy pickings.

 If you like to put your shoes on while sitting on the floor, then you will have a lap full of Buddy. If you want to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, then you will have a lap full of Buddy. He loves his dogs and his people. We are still trying to teach Buddy sit on command, so he is enjoying the treats this involves.
10/18/2015 Update:  Buddy boy had a great week. He loves this cooler air and spending time outside. He never misses an opportunity to get people attention. He loves a good scratch between the ears. He is down to 60 pounds! Buddy is super excited to go to Bulloween. Hope to see you there!
10/25/2015 Update: Buddy met a lot of great people and dogs at Bulloween Saturday night. He was one excited guy on the way there. He was out cold on the way home. After we got home, I found Buddy on his back completely wiped out. I had to check to make sure he was breathing because he was so still and quiet. He is enjoying a lazy Sunday.